Is there fun to be had with people who have hacked your wifi?

I noticed last night that two android devices and someone with the username “Istoleyourlife” were using our home wifi. I’ve reset all the passwords and I think I figured out the likely chink in our armour. We shall see on that front.

So I have a couple of device names and some MAC addresses. Is there anything fun I can do with these? I suspect not.

What if I set up a quarantined wifi station and “let” them hack it again. Anything I could do to have fun? Could I get access to the data they are sending through my wifi? Figure out who it is? Misdirect their internet access?

It wasn’t secured with WEP, was it?

I think you could probably see their traffic, but I’m not sure what tools you’d need.

Nah, it was secured with WPA2-AES. The problem I think was that in one single part of the network I had missed a checkbox such that frickin’ WPA with a PIN remained enabled which as I understand it is easily hackable.

Huh, I thought you guys would have some creative ideas for me…

Reddit might be a better place to ask.

You can set up a proxy server (e.g. Squid) to redirect unauthorized traffic and control or manipulate delivered content.


Create a new wifi network with the same SSID and password as the compromised one (so they will pick it up), block everything apart from port 80, and redirect everything on port 80 to goats.ex, tubgirl, Dolcett, or similar.

(Really folks, do not delve into that last one, especially from work)

if You go with a proxy server you can do things like turn theinternet upside down or change the default language on google to Klingon. There’s also redirects to sites they didn’t intend.

If the OP doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, he or she could use something like Wireshark to sniff the traffic. I’d want to thoroughly understand the legality of packet sniffing in the OP’s location however - even though it’s their network, it might not be legal.