Is there gonna be a Big Brother 4?

If so, shouldn’t it have started by now?

Info on BB4:

Wow, they are only at the application stage.

Yep. And it looks like they aren’t even interviewing until May and June, so we’ll probably have to wait until July or so for the next one–which’ll make it a full year since BB3!


Haven’t they always started it in July?

I thought Big Brother has always been a summer show. Survivor in fall/winter and winter/spring, and Big Brother in summer.

Yes, Big Brother is a summer show. We’ve got plenty of other shows to keep us occupied 'til then. :slight_smile:

Yeah, summer. You wouldn’t want to watch them outside in 4 feet of snow in their bathing suits now would ya?

I bet there are Big Brother websites for it already, probably Big Brother websites for Big Brother 22. :slight_smile:

Does L.A. ever get 4 feet of snow? Hell, does L.A. ever get an inch of snow?

Admittedly, it’s probably not 80 degrees and sunny in January in L.A. (I’ve been in San Diego in February, and it was fairly chilly (50-60 degrees)), but 4 feet of snow seems like an exaggeration…