Is there some reason homeowners and businesses shouldn't have to pay for false alarms

Our city is cutting back on answering automatic alarms because of so many false alarms. They say it took a million dollars out of the budget last year and 90% were false.
So, why not just charge for each alarm? They have half-way measures like charging for the 3rd one in 30 days, but that’s not enough.
So they are cutting back on answering! I forget the plan but it’s like they won’t come out during the day without a confirming phone call. But from whom? If I was at home and could call I wouldn’t need the alarm.

Do homeowner have a right to make the city pay for false alarms? Why?

Who knows they might.
Here if a compnay has 3 false alarms they start paying fines and it gets bigger each time. For habitual offenders they even make them take classes.

Seems to work out pretty well around here.