Is there such a thing as an internet connection logger?

I would like to be able to prove to Comcast that our connection goes down dozens of times a day, except for those days when it goes down hundreds of times. The other night, it went down 78 times inside of three hours.

I call them, they say there isn’t a problem.

Does anyone know of a utility that will log connected minutes or the times of day when connection is interrupted, and produce a text file indicating times?


Can’t answer the OP, but BUMP, and is the clocking on the equipment in conflict? IE, have you reviewed your settings?

Not sure if this matters, but what exactly do you mean by “down”? The lights on the modem blink to indicate it’s trying to connect, or does everything look OK and you just cannot get any data from the 'net (like loading a web page)?

Everything is set up A-OK and has been for years. There is nothing amiss in the settings. It’s just that the signal from Comcast will drop out. The cable modem lights will go out, it tries to reset, and will not catch the signal for minutes, sometimes a couple, sometimes an hour or more. Then it comes back on without warning, and later will go out without warning.

I’ve gone for the live chat with a rep, and they say there isn’t a problem. They refer me to the webpage that tells you how to reset your cable modem. I know how to reset the freakin’ cable modem! I have to do it several times every day, and have done ever since we got Comcast internet.

Unfortunately, there is no cable internet alternative. They have a monopoly on it. So I would like to know if there is a way to log connection outages. Thanks to anyone who can point me in that direction.

Some routers let you log traffic, but being connected or not wouldn’t count as traffic - you’d have to do something like opening a web page or sending email or pinging somebody.

There are programs called pingbots that, in my understanding, ping another computer periodically or according to some schedule, and log the results. To “ping” a computer means to test the connection between your own and its IP address (in my understanding, anyway - somebody that knows more about this please correct me). But my ISP, DirecWay (satellite), expressly forbids pingbots.

I worked tech support once upon a time, and found myself quite frustrated with the lack of ability I had to actually help the customer, especially when the problem was intermittant.

I don’t think you’re going to get good help for this problem from a ‘live’ chat. (I’m assuming you can only do this when the CM is online). I’d phone tech support when the cable modem is out; they can then run a scan on the modem to confirm this. Tell them this happens often (they’ll get you to power cycle it anyway), and see what they recommend.

There is apparently a special technician called a ‘line tech’ who has better tools and can check signals on the pole outside, but I never had the ability to schedule one of these guys, it was a case of sending a generic request to the local techs, and if they’d seen many problems in a specific area, it was up to them to do that.