Is there such thing as privacy monitor for PC?

My company has given me the payroll and HR functions but I sit in the doorway of the office so anyone who walks in can basically look over my shoulder and see everything I’m doing. I purchased a 3M screen filter but while it did darken the image from the side, if you stand directly behind my chair, you can see everything quite clearly.

So, does anyone make a monitor that offers the kind of privacy where you can’t see the screen unless you’re sitting directly in front of it?

I called Dell (because I’m using a Dell PC and it seemed to make sense) and the Dell CS Rep said “no ma’am, we don’t have nothin like that”. He also added that the privacy filters they sell would only darken the monitor from the side also.

Any ideas? Maybe I just need to shop for a better filter?

It’s almost impossible to shop for this online because no one offers pictures of how the image looks from different angles (at least I haven’t been able to find it)

Is your desk bolted to the floor? The monitor bolted to the desk? You chair bolted to something? If not, maybe rearranging the furniture is in order, or getting a different office. Any “filter” you try will not prevent someone from peeking just past your head.

If the company considers this important, let them fix it. Otherwise, don’t worry, be happy.

That’s not a bad point and of course my stuff isn’t bolted down but, it’s a small office, my desk is in the hallway just next to the door.

But you’ve given me an idea and I think I may need to break out the tape measure.

I know I’ve seen, at my previous job, privacy filters that darkened if you were more than a normal viewing distance from the screen.

Any privacy filer is going to have limited performance. If you wear a shirt with a truely enormous ruff and don a top hat they won’t be able to see the screen from behind you.

This might be technologically possible using a modified 3D-monitor and active shutter glasses. Instead of the glasses blocking images from one eye alternately, it would block both at once. For the frames where the wearer’s vision was blocked, the display would show an exact negative of the image. I’m not quite sure what anyone not wearing the glasses would see, but it would probably be very hard to make out text. I’m pretty sure no such product exists.