Is this a concussion?

Long story short: I couldn’t sleep last night. It was about three in the morning, and the incidental dorm noises (slamming door, rattling a/c) were keeping me up. I was in that weird place between sleep and awake.

When I’m that way, I tend to not be at my most. . .rational, shall we say. In my half-asleep frustration, I banged my head against the frame of my bunk bed. Repeatedly.

(Note: I know that was a stupid-beyond-stupid thing to do. I was half-asleep. I can’t even believe I did that now, though it certainly seemed to be a good idea at the time).

I banged my head maybe five to seven times, then tried to sleep again. I eventually got to sleep, but, because it was by then about four, I only got about four to five hours of sleep, and I was already sleep-deprived.

Today, I’ve had a headache all day (well, this is hardly surprising), I’ve been really out of it and a little dizzy, and I got REALLY emotional and went into dry sobbing for what was essentially no reason. All of these things could be because of lack of sleep, but they could also be because I hit my head. For what it’s worth, this is different from my usual “I got no sleep” headache.

My question is: should I go to the Health Center tomorrow morning (assuming I feel the same way)? I can’t miss another Christian Tradition class, but I could probably miss Canadian Lit to go. Would it be a waste of time, and am I just being a hypochondriac, or could there actually be something going on? I don’t think I banged my head that hard…

(Sorry for the slightly rambling quality of this post. I’m not entirely with it today [well, duh…]).

Get checked out. Even if you’re fine, you’ll get to miss Canadian Lit. Who ever heard of such a thing as Canadian Literature? Utterly ridiculous!

Angel of the Lord -

For whatever it may be worth to you…

As far as my limited knowledge tells me, concussions aren’t something to necessarily be taken lightly. For example, an individual with a concussion can potentially go to sleep and not wake up, depending on the nature of the concussion.

Seems as if you have a decent amount of evidence that may warrant you’re seeing a medical professional. I don’t think skipping a class or two will hurt; you can always retrieve the missed information at later date, of course. I’m sure your professor(s) will understand.

– Nebulous

Doesn’t fit the symptoms of a concussion from what I know, but banging your head into things isn’t healthy anyway. Consult someone and for pizza’s sake, find something better to do if you’re bored and can’t sleep.