Is This A Legitimate Jury Notification? A Bizarro Fishing Scam?

I got the following post card in the mail today.



This is new for me. I’ve been summoned to county jury three times, always via a sealed envelope. And not for nothing, the federal courthouse in question is every bit of 80 miles away.

Does this ping anyone else’s scam radar?

“The Rush Hudson Limbaugh Sr. United States Courthouse”?

I was amazed to just now learn that this is, in fact, a real place. (It’s apparently named after the radio host’s grandfather.)

I would call the federal court house itself - not the number on the post card. And I sure as hell wouldn’t go to that website. Check the Clerk of Courts for your district.

It might be legit, but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.


Called the court, it’s legit.

AFAIK .gov domains are only available to actual government agencies. If it ended in something like .net, .com, .tv, .me that would be a different matter.

Damn. And I thought this shit was bad.

His Wiki article is lacking anything about his specific views or politics.
This was interesting, though.


Interesting. Do they have to provide transportation? Suppose you don’t have a car? 80 miles is quite a distance.

If you don’t have a car, and there is no public transportation, that should be a reason to eliminate you from the jury.

Not in Missouri. Distance is not an excuse, and they only offer a stipend towards the cost of a hotel if you’re more than 100 miles from the court.

This varies by state and district - for example, being 80+ miles away is a consideration for (but not automatic) hardship with the Northern District of California courts.

But complain in mail before hand. If you show up the first time, the judge may say you made it once you can make it regularly. I’ve not seen this applied to commuting, but I have seen it applied to child care.

I’ve worked with people who commuted that far. In a lot of areas that’s only a little over an hour’s drive.

But it’s more than a day’s (i.e., 24 hours) walk. And it’s likely more than an $80 Uber fee.

In California that’s how jury notifications are sent at least how I get them.

About 10 years ago, a woman I worked with was called to sit on a grand jury at our state capitol, which was about 70 miles away. In addition to her stipend, which she had to turn in, she was also paid a mileage rate of about 50 cents a mile; that, she could keep.

That’s really all I remember about it; this was in Illinois.

But the OP’s notice was for federal court.

However, it looks like there’s some variation from district to district.

I was called to be on a Federal Court jury once in Hawaii. They started with explaining what the trial would be about, then started asking if anyone had a written reason they couldn’t serve (which didn’t guarantee dismissal), then anyone who thought they had a valid verbal reason they couldn’t serve, would step up to a mike and state their reason (few were dismissed). Then they asked if anyone wanted a sidebar, a chance to talk directly to the judge, prosecuting and defense attorneys at the bench. I was the third or fourth person to approach the bench and I told everyone that I had a long held belief that both sides were corrupt and would say and do anything to win the case. The judge warned me to speak softer and everyone immediately dismissed me. About 5-6 hours had passed.

Sure, it’s on my Federal record somewhere, but I haven’t received a jury notice, State or Federal since!

I see nothing in the OP to make me think he doesn’t have a car. His question was “Does it ping anyone’s scam radar?” Nothing about wanting to get out of it if it turned out to be legit.

How does it work there, where you could live on a different island than the court is on? Do you submit for reimbursement for the ferry or plane ride? And how long could the journey be?

Wow, interesting question I never thought about neighbor islands.

I just looked up the FAQ for Federal Court and in Hawaii:

Jurors get mileage to/from the airport, but nothing about the plane fare to/from Oahu, which can be up to $200/RT with nothing said about reimbursement, and take up to a hour one way. No ferries anymore.

If you’re just showing up for jury selection, you get nothing.

Jurors are put up in hotel during the weekdays and expected to return home on the weekends. So another $200 if the trial lasts more than a week.

Thanks for the question!