Is this a news story or a joke??

It’s the new cell phone ring that supposedly only teenagers are able to hear. I heard the sample tone, and it is one of the MOST piercingly irritating sounds I’ve EVER heard (I’m 37, btw.) If I was teaching a class where this ring tone went off, I think I would give the person detention for making me listen to it. Come on, is there actually any remotely significant section of the population who can’t hear this? Is it just a joke, or a dumb marketing gimmick??



I refer you to this thread. And yes, it appears to be real.

I believe it’s real. Not that I can hear it. Not sure whether to be grateful for that or not. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t surprise me that most adults cannot hear it. I distinctly remember, when I was a kid, walking into department store television departments and being annoyed by a constant, high-pitched whine coming from the electronics. I don’t hear now, as an adult, when I pass TV displays. Then again, maybe TV technology has advanced to the point where the sets just don’t make that noise any more.


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