Is this a "Pit comment"? second try


" all the Obama-haters here recently, the unreasoning, largely racist but wholly irrational and unhinged people . . . "

To me it’s a dead-accurate characterization of a certain type who harbors an irrational, largely race-based hatred of President Obama. Are you saying that it’s not an accurate portrait of these types, or that these types don’t exist, or that I can’t refer generally to the “Obama-haters” who post here because that is itself a “Pit comment”? Which part specifically would you warn me against going into outside of the Pit? The part where I cite that there are Obama-haters posting here? The part where I attribute their motives largely to racism? The part where I note that they are irrational? The part where I point out that they are unhinged? What am I permitted to say outside the Pit? I would have thought all of that was ok, especially since I’m not calling out specific posters by name. If anyone wants to decline being painted as the type of Obama-hater I’m referring to, all he or she needs to is denounce racism, irrationality or being unhinged.

The comment was posted in a way that appeared to indicate that it was directed against posters on the SDMB, accusing them not only of racism, but of being “unhinged.”

If it was directed against some great unwashed mass of humanity outside the SDMB, that should have been made more clear.
If you would like to claim that it was not intended as an insulting remark, I will note that you cannot possibly defend that claim.
If you would like to claim that it was not directed against SDMB posters, I would say you did a poor job and suggest that you be more clear in the future.

Tom, I think it’s pretty clear from the linked OP that “here” refers to PPR’s physical location (Pennsylvania, which is mentioned several times in his post). Unless you’re aware of phone banks, canvassing efforts, and fundraising campaigns that specifically target the SDMB in the state of Pennsylvania, then you have - once again - managed to make several leaps of logic that missed several steps along the way.

Since prr typically hangs out in New York City, rather than Pennsylvania, and McConnell is from Kentucky, his comment looks much more like a reference to the SDMB, (regardless where he goes to engage in democracy in action).

Try again, but this time swallow your pride first.

But pseudotriton ruber ruber phrased it this way (emphasis mine):

Sounds to me like “here” refers to “these boards”, or at least that PRR isn’t disputing that.

Yeah, that’s pretty much the nail in the coffin as to which group of people he is referring to.

Hmm, let me try this on.
“If anyone wants to decline being painted as the type of Wife-beater I’m referring to, all he needs to do is denounce misogyny, spousal abuse or being unhinged”

Pretty sure that isn’t going to fly, but if you want to add that denunciation as your sig I might change my mind. :wink:

Damn, you’re absolutely right. Tom, I’m terribly sorry for the snark.

What’s so hard to figure out about the fact that calling posters “racist” outside the Pit is against the rules? We’ve been over this numerous times before-- it doesn’t matter if you think they really are racist. If I think you really are stupid, I still can’t call you “stupid” outside the Pit.

At first I thought the comment, while a bit harsh, was within the rules. But looking more closely, and interpreting “here” to me the SDMB, then I think where it fails the line is that negative comments are allowed about groups of people that include SDers, but not about groups of SDers. Correct?

Of course, that’s if you’re the rules lawyer type to pin down exactly how harsh you are allowed to be without an official warning. The overall general tone of that comment was not really conducive to reasoned exchange.

Oh, look. PRR has a complaint about the moderating.

Oh look, the sky is blue.

So let me get this straight: calling an unnamed and unspecified group of SD posters “largely racist” outside of the Pit is not allowed? If there’s been a discussion of this policy, I missed it. Could someone direct me to a previous discussion of this subject? Thanks. This I gotta see.

Of all the options available to you, I honestly didn’t think you’d pick “D. Go back and get a bigger shovel.”

Of all the people I was thanking in advance for a link to the discussion, I honestly wasn’t expecting you to provide any material.

Good job of misdirection, but as long as you included “unhinged” among a series of unflattering comments, you can rest assured that the word “racist” was not the actual trigger for the Mod Note. When you find posts in which “unhinged,” “unreasoning,” and “wholly irrational” have been accepted without comment as remarks directed toward other posters, we can go back and revisit the “racist” remark.

How about “Don’t be a jerk”? Does “Don’t be a jerk” work for you?

Nice to actually agree with you for a change. Shall we hug?

Thanks for the attempt to clarify. I thought from John Mace’s post (#10), the objectionable phrase was “largely racist.”