Is this a real place (image of broken ship in a valley)

Hi, this came up on my Facebook, a page called Abandoned Places. Most of them were wrecked machinery like train cars etc, trees growing through houses, the usual. But then we have this:

I’m curious if this is a real place/wreck, because it seems so unlikely, a ship that far up a valley (with a freaking road passing beneath it, seriously?). Googling the image gets me “final flood by Frank Schlamp” and similarly bad resolution images and no explanation of where this place and subject are in the world. It’s nonsense Pinterest sites all the way down.

I’m assuming this is photoshopping; it looks real enough but staggeringly improbable. Is this weird wreck actually a known place?

Thanks, but doesn’t really address the question

It’s being sold as digital art, not photography.
Besides, I’ve never heard of a flood that could fill a valley of that size that was also recent enough to account for that ship. It also looks like the ship should have blocked that stream.

Yeah, that’s about what I thought, but I would have been amazed and delighted if it was a real place. The credulous FB/Pinterest groups don’t seem to think it isn’t. And I’ll give Shlamp some credit, it’s quite a good Photoshop work. I work in imaging and see bad Photoshops in an instant, this wasn’t all that obvious. (Although maybe if there were a decent rez version online I’d revise that opinion)

The actual place might well be real enough, and probably even is. Be interesting if anybody here can identify it. ETA: Maybe try photoshopping the boat out of the pic and see if Google can find it then.

More ETA: Are “Abandoned Places” of interest to you? There’s a web site that has collected extensive information on old abandoned airports, or the vestigial remains thereof. If that interests you, I can try to dredge up the site again.

Generally Google can find a similar photograph even if it’s been altered. Go find a “naked celebrity” photo, point Google images at it, and you can often find the original photo without that fake head pasted on. Which didn’t work with this image, I tried.

They are. I’ve probably run into a lot of the sites you might forward, but hey! surprise me! And thanks in advance. I just like cool photography and that nonsense ship image was intriguing.

I think the site I’m thinking of is
but I’m not able to go there right now – I get “Server not responding” errors. So I don’t know if it’s just down for the moment, or if it’s gone. I’m pretty sure this is the site I was looking at just a few months ago.

ETA: I’m sure that’s the right site, if it’s still there. This Wikipedia page cites it:


Take the boat out, and try the resulting picture with TinEye.

No dice. I got rid of the boat (the section where the boat is over the road was challenging) and you get the same images from Tineye, though a bunch were greyscale, one was a low rez Shutterstock image. All seem to be shadows of probably Shlamp selling the photo under Abandoned Places.

Same here, seems dead?

Maybe try again tomorrow or another day? Be a shame if the site’s gone. It is (or was) a massive compendium of old abandoned airports, with extensive background information, old historical photos, snippets from aeronautical charts over the ages, newspaper clippings, and information from people who were there.

It’s working for me, but you could also access it via

Which sorta has its own charm, accessing a website collecting abandoned places via a website collecting defunct websites.

Aha! The freeman web site (Abandoned Airports) is working for me too now. Must have just gone down for a little while. Have at it, @squeegee. ETA: Says the latest revision was 11/17/20, so it’s still an actively maintained site.

The valley in the picture looks quite a close match for Blackhope Glen, Moffatdale, Scotland I can’t find an exact match for the meanders of the stream and track, and obviously, the lighting in the OP’s picture is composed to look very moody, but Blackhope Glen has similarly steep sides, and a small road crisscrossing a meandering stream.
I’m sure there are probably quite a few other places in the world that look similar though - it’s a glacial valley

The size of the ship is larger than it’s scenery(compare it with the size of the road), also worth noting that most of the lower part of the hull is embedded into something but the ground it stands upon is not soft enough - its pretty rocky ground and not peaty or muddy or swampy.

Also this valley looks incredibly similar to somewhere in the UKs Lake District - it looks somewhat like Whinlatter Pass

My guess is it’s Iceland or Norway, but in any case, that shadow the ship is casting completely doesn’t match the environment, and is quite shoddy work.

It would be possible to see something approaching that shot in the Aral Sea.

Run this search: Aral Sea exposed shipwrecks

Some very interesting shots.

'Zactly. There are cars on the road smaller than windows on the ship’s superstructure.

The ship is the right size for the needs of the overall composition. But not for the details.