Is this a real place (image of broken ship in a valley)

Awesome work @GuanoLad

And here’s what the scene looks like in winter!

I think the railway actually runs past the far end of the valley. The track down in the bottom appears to be just a hiking trail, as far as I can see

It’s just a direct link to the Steinstafel Bridge in 3D mode.

What I get is picture-map of an area centered ~1/2 mile northeast of the railway bridge more or less centered on the “Hotel Teifenbach” with an open search tab filled in with “steinstafel bridge” as the query and with lots of hits none of which are that bridge; it’s just not in in the list of search results. Weird. And at the zoom level of the picture, the unlabeled unidentified bridge that I believe is steinstafel is off-window; I’ve got to drag things aways to bring it into view.

But I can find it from there. I’m not disputing that you’ve solved the puzzle correctly. I’ve experienced lots of weirdnesses in the past here GoogleMaps links, even those I create, don’t deliver what they’re supposed to. Even on the same computer they were created on.

Congrats nevertheless for some excellent work.

I often wonder if I should link directly to Google Maps in case it fails. I suspect that depending on the app you use, you might get different results to what I expect. Phones, third party, browser proprietary code, all can interfere. Annoying.

But on the other hand, every time I test it myself it works fine, so I’m not sure much can be done. I figure if the search terms still show in the text field, people can fill in the blanks themselves.

Are we some crazy internet railway stalkers or what? * high five *

Extremely impressive!
:fist_right: :fist_left:

Looking at some more photos, I was clearly wrong about this, and just suck at interpreting maps against photos. Sorry - you’re right, the ‘road’ is indeed the train track.

There is a highway, and a hotel sits alone along it, which is where the photo was taken from, but they’re high up the slope.

Yeah, I was trying to use the photo/streetview on Google Maps to figure it out, and I misjudged the distance between the viewpoint at the railway track, which made me think the railway track actually ran perpendicular to the far end of the valley we’re looking down, but that would have made no sense given you actually found this by looking for the railway. Just me being a map doofus - sorry.

I actually want to go and spend a day or two in that hotel now, and take a trip along that railway

Me too! Exploring the Alps like this just amazed me at its beauty! Mountains everywhere you look! I mean, I love my New Zealand homeland, but Switzerland’s a whole other level.

Annoying for sure. For sharing GoogleMaps, I’ve taken to adjusting everything until it looks just right, then using the “embed map” feature.

Starting from the hamburger menu at upper left, choose “share or embed map” then in the popup select the “embed map” choice across the top and click [Copy HTML]. That gives you a full set of html inside <iframe><\iframe> tags. Then just paste that here. e.g.

That seems less troublesome for other users. I don’t know for sure, so it’d be interesting to hear any feedback on my example here.

He should’a took a left at Albuquerque. :smiling_imp:

I usually find that the browser URL and parameters update themselves as I move around. I usually check it will work for other people by pasting it into an incognito tab

Went right to the Freeman site on 11/21. Holy Cow! Thanks for posting this.