Is this a scam?

I’m selling some landscaping equipment on CraigsList and I got this reply:

It seem fishy but I don’t understand how it could go wrong. Advice/opinions?

Not even gonna read past the first sentence.


Lots of scams start out with a check which you’re supposed to deposit, which turns out to be fake.

My question is, what does UPS have to do with it? That might be a way for them to avoid charges of U.S. Mail fraud.

If you have to ask, it’s a scam.

Definite scam. Run far far away.

I Googled the main text and got LOTS of hits for that scam. Sheesh. Anyway thanks for the responses.

ETA: Some people are mean.

Total scam. Probably they will send a cashier’s check for too much, ask you for a refund, and then the check will bounce. You’ll be out a chunk of money and owe fees too.

A piece of advice when dealing with people on Craigslist…

When making a deal:

Speak over the phone, not just email
Meet in person in a public place. Bring a friend if possible.
Accept cash only (beware it may be counterfeit, also)
Also take into consideration…
Never under any circumstances give away your home address or full name. Use a nickname if you can. Somewhere along the line you may sell something which you’re unaware is defective and a buyer may get upset… you wouldn’t want them knowing where you live, though sometimes it’s unavoidable if it’s something large.

Actual people interested in buying something will call it something more specific than an “item”.

Saw this when we tried to sell a piano. We got a reply from the midwest.

Wondered why they wouldn’t rather buy one locally.

My wife insisted it was OK and asked them to send a check. It looked real enough. I called the issuing bank. they asked for the routing number. I got three numbers out of mouth when the lady told me it was phony.

What if you deposit the check and then wait a good long while (6-8 weeks?) before forwarding the overpayment? Would that be long enough for any false check to become obvious?

I wonder if this is true, at least regarding all the ‘Is it a scam?’ posts on the SDMB. I’m pretty sure every single one I’ve read has ended up being a scam. Actually, I’m pretty sure I posted one myself once (not ‘Is it a scam?’ but ‘How does this scam work?’).

This is definitely a scam. They’ll send you a check–perhaps a phony cashier’s check–for more than the amount of the item, ostensibly to cover shipping fees or whatnot. The’ll ask you to pay the shipping company out of it. You deposit the check which seems to be good, and eventually you discover that it’s not good. The bank charges you back for the check and the bad check fee, and of course you’re out the amount you gave the shipping company. It may well not be a legit carrier, by the way.

Scam, scam, scam, scam, eggs and scam.

Has this question ever been asked with the answer being “no”?

Yes, but the check would still bounce and you’d still be charged fees.

Could you also be charged with trying to pass a fraudulent check?