Is this a Worm on IM?

A friends computer keeps sending out invites to view pictures etc. the lates one is [noparse][/noparse] ( Haven’t opened it and would not recommend anyone doing so).

Trend apparently is not picking it up, but then again I doubt if she has updated it recently.

Any clues?

You don’t say how the invites are being sent out (MSN? emails? Facebook?) but it sounds like an MSN virus. If you can specify the exact text and invite methods, we can probably track it down.

Anyway, your friend can run some online virus scans from:

Microsoft OneCare
Panda ActiveScan

If she isn’t prepared to pay to keep her Trend up to date, she should download and install one of the free anti-virus solutions such as AVG or Avast!.

Ther invites come out when she is online. I have done some mor researching and think that Symantec can detect it.


The invites come via IM.

If Symantec can detect it, most of the large AV vendors should be able to so don’t buy anything when you can scan for free. They share info on newly discovered viruses.

Good luck!

I don’t actually have the virus- I refuse to click on the links. But I wish Trend would lift their game.

Sorry, yeah, I meant good luck with helping your friend.

To be fair to Trend, I don’t think they are too bad. Her virus definitions are probably out of date or she got hit in a way that disabled the AV. She could also have been hit by a “zero-day” virus, which is one that spreads faster than the AV companies can get updates out.

Incidentally, I only found one report online that sounds like what you describe, so it could be a new one. It is difficult to say without the full text though.

Trend have a free online scan too -

Thanks Racer.