Is this actually Hebrew?

In Macross Plus (an anime series/movie) there’s a song with lyrics that aren’t readily understandable (at least to me.) Some claim it’s Hebrew, others say it’s made up. Can the Dope shed any light on this? If it’s actually Hebrew, is the translation correct? The song itself can be heard here:

These are the (supposed) lyrics:

ma ha shutai e tuby e tuby e tu shuutei a no en tuby
Greenery on the earth, on the earth, the fragrance of flowers

a sai, do mi no steikun
*In the sky, one who fills the sea with fish *

More than anyone,

di zi e
*I think you precious. *

a di shuta dia
With a soft light,

zhan who
please fill me.

linky no worky

I can’t check out the video just now, but if the transcription is anywhere near correct, this is **not[b/] Hebrew

I already had my doubts, thanks for your help so far.

Fixed link:

According to AnimeLyrics it’s in a made up language.