Is this business idea legitimate?

I have discovered that I can locate many people named in newspaper reports and on television news using certain online databases. Also, in regard to telephone listings, I can frequently find a person’s street address even if their listing shows only a telephone number. Usually, I can also access maps showing the most direct route to their home, and can access links to gain information as to their legal and credit history, etc. These databases are common and free to use if one knows of their existance.

My question is: Do you think that if I were to start a business advising the people in question that this information is available, and offering to advise them for a fee as to the whereabouts of the databases and how to go about protecting themselves from having this information published, would it be regarded as a legitimate endeavor by the people I would contact, or do you think it would be regarded as an underhanded or illegitimate attempt to take advantage of their ignorance of these databases and/or their fear of having this information available?
Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Provided that the service you’re offering is real (i.e. that there really is some way to exclude yourself from the databases) and that it isn’t encouraging anyone to act illegally (i.e. inclusion in the databases isn’t legally mandatory), I think it would be legit (this is nothing more than the opinion of the Mangetout armchair of law).

From another angle, there are agents in Australia who make a living doing the opposite. They access government unclaimed money databases and find the owners of the money. They then contact them and inform them that for a fee they can get them money that is owed to them.

I meant to add this example of an online facility.