Is this coincidence? Did you notice this too? [SDMB user profiles]

When I read a post that I find interesting, I often check the user’s profile to get more information about him/her. Having doen this for a while, I couldn’t but notice a tendency I can sum up like this:

Many users don’t fill in the profile at all; others do partially, but leave some categories blank, apparently for privacy reasons. But if a poster filled out the Occupation category in his/her profile, it’s pretty likely (s)he’s employed in the computer biz - software development, network adminsitration, and the like.

Now I wonder: Is this

  1. because the computer guys hang around on the SDMB in large quantities (maybe due to free internet access at work?)?

  2. because computer guys are less concerned about privacy and are more willing to tell others about their jobs than other dopers are?

  3. not true, and I got the wrong impression?

Has anyone noticed this before?

Not enough people answer you’re other thread on this subject?

Ooops. Well sorry.

I was having trouble with the conncetion yesterday; I thought the post didn’t catch.

Administrators, would you please close this one? Thanks.