Is This Common Dream Happening?

Last night, I had a strange dream. I remember very little of it, except that I was aware that my body was asleep! I was perfectly conscious, and I knew that I had to leave the area (something bad was chasing me). It was as if I was trapped inside my body-I kept rolling back and forth-praying that my body would awake.
What causes this sense of being disconnected from one’s body?
Is it common in dreams?

It sounds like sleep paralysis to me. I don’t know much about it, but maybe Wiki can help.

Lucid dream?

Sleep paralysis. Sucks balls. It means you’re not getting enough REM sleep for some reason - according to my doctor.

Very common dream. Remember people claiming centuries ago that a hag was sitting on their chest? Same sort of dream. Some theorize that’s what’s going on with people “visited by aliens” too.

It doesn’t sound like true sleep paralysis, because the OP seems to have been genuinely asleep (though in the dream, aware that he was asleep).

I used to get this from time to time: aware I was asleep, wanting to move and not finding a way to do it. I would try to wake up, and could not convince my brain to break out of sleep mode and into the real world. It’s frustrating as hell, and when I did manage to finally wake up my heart would be racing.

It hasn’t happened in a few years.

Yes, I was aware that my body was asleep-I could also hear my voice-it sounded like it was from far away.
As I say, this happened one night-and it was as if I was stuck inside my sleeping body-very strange.

Yes, that’s it: “stuck inside my sleeping body” is a perfect description. Weird, ain’t it?

ETA: Usually this would happen to me after a long night of drinking, and then sleeping in very late the next day in order to avoid the morning hangover, and perhaps go straight into a peaceful afternoon.