Is this company's earning profile really this F*ed?

Check out 1 800 Flowers at Motley Fool:

Note that revenue last year during Jun.
Is revenue really down from 219M in Jun’08 to 53M in Jun’09, or are these numbers calculated some weird way?
Maybe updated late?

That is not a very good source to go to. I suggest reading the Company’s 8K filing and earnings press release: Link

You will note here that the Company has excluded the Home and Children’s Gifts business segment as they plan to divest it. Therefore, on a restated basis, the June '08 quarter’s revenues are actually $186.9 million versus the $219.8 million shown in your link. Therefore, on an apples to apples comparison, they report quarter ending June 2009 as having revenues of $172.5 million, which is a 7.8% reduction.

Thank you. Very informative.