Is this documentary about buying nukes legit?

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If this is real, why hasn’t a bigger deal been made about it?
I expect this video has been around for long enough to be debunked if it is indeed bunk, so I am inclined to suspect that buying a nuke isn’t quite as easy as they make it out to be. :dubious:

My guess is that the reason we haven’t heard anything about it is because Western Intelligence is well aware of what is going on in Bulgaria, has intelligence people on the ground (remember that you can buy anything there) and are tracking who is selling what to whom. At some point a covert operation will occur and the threat will be neutralized. We want the bad guys to think we aren’t paying attention so that they continue their activities which are being closely monitored…

As far as whether it’s legit or faked, that’s hard to know. If it was completely faked you would have thought that someone would have said that by now.

I just skimmed through the the video, but the similarity of the general story line is so similar to the “red Mercury” scare of the mid-1990s. Go to Eastern Europe, pay a large amount of money, and get your hands on something incredibly powerful that the powers that be don’t want out there, but it just so happens that some journalists happen to know the right guy to talk to.

I didn’t have the patience to pay close attention to the whole video, but did I get this right, that the arms dealer guy claimed to be closely linked to UBL? As in, like doing business with him? And the guy is still walking around in whatever year that was filmed. Yeah, riiiiight. How many “Al Qaeda facilitators” were sent to Guantanamo or blown up by drones during the Bush Admijistration, and this dude just happens to think its a good idea to give on-camera interviews? Give me a break.

He’s talking about a dirty bomb and says the guy had a ‘plutonium detonator’ which I assume was the detonator for plutonium weapon and made with conventional explosives, if it was anything at all. There’s an implication that that someone wanted a waste management company to find nuclear waste to use in a dirty bomb.

Matthew Brunwasser is an actual journalist. I didn’t notice anything about this story on his website.

I saw several news reports about dirty bomb plots in recent years. This doesn’t sound much different. Some of those plots were engineered to find people who claimed to be selling nuclear material.