Is this Dr. Hook story true or apocryphal?

I heard a story about the band Dr. Hook once that cracked me up.

Seems that waaaaayyyyyy back when, in the Pleistocene era, when the band was called Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show, and enjoying worldwide popularity, they were asked to do an interview for a Danish television program.

Well, the interview went on for a while. A good long while. Eventually the boys in the band figured the interviewer had gotten all the material he or she needed, but the interview went on. So, the boys in the band began expressing their discomfort with the situation in a fashion that would only have been considered appropriate by a rock band in the early 1970’s- they began to remove their clothing. After several more minutes, the entire band was as the Lord made them. And the interview went on.

When the show finally brought the interview to air, of course, they only aired half of the interview.
The second half.
Given that it was Danish TV and all, I find it quite believable that they would air an interview with an as the Lord made them rock band.


Did it really happen?

Something similar is described here:

It looks like the details got garbled in your description, but Dr. Hood did indeed appear in the nude on Danish TV.

The question is whether Ray Sawyer took off his eyepatch, too. :slight_smile: