Is this explanation of the JESUS fish true?


It seems a little too drawn out/clearly logical to me. And besides, it’s from the Church of the Subgenius’ website (or obviously something similar); I’ve never been able to understand those bastards. The only thing I identified in this website is the thing about why the Christians have that, dating back to the early few centuries of Christianity.

Any takers? Thanks.

I think your description of religion is more suited to the pit, but I’m not a mod, so hey.

As regards your question, yes, there’s certainly historical truth in there, but it’s clearly not being presented from someone with a neutral agenda.

Oh, yes. Any Greek or Roman would recognise the fish sign as a yoni symbol. Because, like, they were pagans, man, and all pagans use the same symbols and believe in the same things. Yeah, right.

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There is no requirement for symbols to have only one meaning. This is particularly the case with very simple symbols, like one made from two intersecting curved lines - or, for that matter, two intersecting straight lines. When you do simple addition, and hit the + key on your calculator, is that a commemoration of the crucifixion?

The traditional story is that the fish sign arose as a simple sign/countersign between believers; one would draw a single line, and the other would draw a second one to complete the fish. Or the vagina, if you prefer, but the “fish” idea speaks to some other ideas within Christianity, such as the ICHTHUS acronym and the “fishers of men” metaphor.

So, to a Christian, it’s a fish sign. If you’re not a Christian, and want to see it another way, you can. But claiming that a simple sign like this has one origin and, ultimately, only one meaning is simply not tenable.

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Well done. Thank you.


We pretty thoroughly sliced and diced this parody last April in Great Debates:
The true origin of the JESUS fish?

Anything taken from the Church of the Subgenius (a great organization, BTW) must be taken with dashes of salt measured in the kiloton.