Is this guy the 2nd Andy Kaufman?

When I first started cruising this guy’s website I thought he was a pretty funny guy. As I began to really check out his site it started to look like he might be serious. He claims to be a genius whose High School transcipts misstated his IQ at 99 (it should read 99 percentile).

Take a look at his site and let me know what you think. Humorous or Serious?

I think he is serious.

It’s a shame that such a genius is overlooked by the AVERAGE (85-115) IQ person. Considering his high IQ scores, even the one on the “bad hair day”, it’s unfortunate that the human resources agencies (probably run by AVERAGE IQ people) don’t recognize his genius and think that he’s only good for manual labor or driving a taxi cab. Unfortunately, geniuses have often been MISUNDERSTOOD, even as far back as the days of Hermes (3000 B.C.).

Oh well, at least he can be comforted with the fact that his mentors, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, would approve of his high scores. Perhaps even Isaac “Top Banana” Newton would pat him on the back and say, “You’re special (NOT IN THAT WAY); you’re a genius just like US.”

Folks, be nice to your local security guard. You may think he’s AVERAGE or even SPECIAL, but he just might be VERY SUPERIOR!

      • Damn, he’s so 733t, he done his website all with Notepad…

Just further proof that IQ doesn’t equal intelligence. If this guy’s so smart, why doesn’t he realize that incoherent rambling is no sign of intelligence?

Notice that when he says he scored a 135 IQ on his “Bad Hair Day” he shows a picture of himself with the 30 hairs he has in front parted in the middle. Notice also the pictures in his “Personal Ad.” The pictures he produces there would stampede cattle. If it wasn’t for the pictures I’d say he was serious.

Okay, I’m ain’t not done one of them there grammer nazi’s, but jeeze, using Outlook Express to spell check netted me 16 flippin’ errors, including this little gem:

Isn’t this a textbook example of Gaudere’s Law?
By the way, I read the whole website, but specifically, what was his IQ? Despite al the rambling he never really clairified.

If this guy is indeed a genius, then he’s just furthering the stereotype that highly intelligent people are severely lacking in the area of common sense.

He got a 135 score on a Mensa test. Big frickin’ deal. That’s intelligent, but it’s not Einstein territory by a long shot. A lot of people have been tested at 135, myself included. And what does it all mean if all you do with it is boast? This guy’s got a web page dedicated to his IQ. Who ever got attracted to someone because of their IQ alone?

If all you have going for yourself is a silly statistic like a high IQ, I’d say you lead a pretty sad life.

His resume job history is quite impressive also …

[ul]:frowning: [sup]One Andy Kaufman was more than enough![/sup][/ul]

Astro, that resume is a hoot. If he sends it out to employers, he can stay unemployed forever.

Love the latest entry, which documents how he spends his time goofing off when he should be working.

Or the fact that he was laid off for lack of work as a taxi driver in Las Vegas. Yeah, we all know that there aren’t many tourists there who might be looking for cabs.

Or the clear downward mobility path.

Or the “Jobs I qualify for” using the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. (First question for applicant: why aren’t you doing any of them.)

Or “I only got additional education in Technology as a Back Up (so I wouldn’t have to be a cab driver or security guard while pursuing music.)” Since both jobs are on his resume, isn’t that a clear sign it failed?

Man, this has to be up there as one of the world’s worst resumes.

I’m torn. Why doesn’t anyone think he’s pulling an ‘Andy Kaufman?’ Everything from his “Love Ad” to his “Resume” to the poses in his pictures to his IQ obsession to his reading list (he says he’s a genius who reads a lot of “for Dummies” and “Idiot’s Guide” books) screams that this guy just might be laughing at us.

Benefit to him? Well he posts loads of contact information for your feedback.

did he? according to the metatags he used “WebTV Page Builder v1.1”

Has anyone emailed this guy and invited him to these boards? A self proclaimed GENIUS would be able to provide us with much insight, and in turn we can marvel at his GENIUS.

Then again, he may already be a registered poster :eek:

Shouldn’t he be able to REASON that people hate listening to pseudo-Masterpiece Theater midis?

Granted, I’m not fluent in leet-speak, but I’m pretty certain you just said, “Damn, he’s soo teet…” So he’s something hanging of a cow’s udder? (or maybe that was a very subtle joke that my humor impaired mind couldn’t decode fast enough :wink:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of my leet-speak encoding sed script handy, but here’s what I can remember off the top of my head:
(warning fellow sed hackers, I’m absolutely sure I’ve forgotten to escape a few characters… sorry, I’m too lazy to actually check/test/read/anything…)


(my actual script is a lot longer… I spent a bit of time reading through random crap leet speak posts, found all the replacements I could, and wrote a joke RFC on 31337 Encryption, “Guaranteed to keep any person of reasonable intelligence from reading your private data!”… unfortunately it’s not reversible :wink:

Dear sweet Lord … profile -

He’s a graphic design genius!

A master photographer!

He’s psychic!

Of course, he attended all the finest schools!

Either it’s a deliberate meme, a la Curry, or the guy has Asperger’s Syndrome.

Never mind. The guy is real.


“RA may be best, but MGM’s Studio 54 gets more Beautiful Ladies, as per my questioning them in my Taxi Cab. By the way, Everyone calls it Club RA, as in Raw, when I think it should be pronounced RA as in RAY, like Ray of Sun, as RA was the Ancient Egyptian Sun God. The Sphinx at Giza was constructed around 10,500 BC, more than 12,000 years ago (Heavens Mirror by Graham Hancock), and the Egyptian Cilivization lasted around 10,000 years (well actually it is still around today, just different).”

Is is, apparently, a penchant for redundancy. :dubious: