Is this house haunted?

Ok, I usually don’t believe in this stuff but I moved into this tract home in early July with my nephew and his daughter and we all have said out loud “this place is haunted”

A pair of my pants slid off a chair in my bedroom (no big deal at the time) although it did startle me, a 2 by 4 with a sign nailed to it leaning against the garage suddenly fell on its own after having sat there for months securely, a box appeared on the steps leading to the garage after falling off a level shelf apparently by itself and many many weird thumps and noises.

One night after I heard a very loud “thump” from one of the back bedrooms, I started to doze off and was abruptly woken by a hand on my right knee. (I admit, I may have dreamed it) It scared the crap out of me and I yelled out “get the fuck out of here” more at myself than anything and I swear there were no noises at all the next day.

I told my nephew about this and he said he woke up one night and tried to get out of bed and felt something holding him down and said his daughter and son who also had lived there always complained about the noises and said with sincerity “this place is haunted”

Yesterday I had lunch with my daughter and I told her about this and she told me she used to occasionally hear a loud thump on the wall in the house where her mother had died.

In the house I grew up in , after my father died, I would hear what sounded like somebody walking across the master bedroom floor and my brother in law told me he also heard what he thought was someone walking in the hallway when he stayed at the house. Thinking it was one of the kids going to the bathroom he got up to make sure they were ok and nobody was there, and the kids were all sound asleep.

By the way, my nephew David died in 2013 and this house we live in, rented by his brother, is on David Drive.

Cue the spooky music.

Ok, I don’t believe in this stuff, but I am almost finding it interesting although it did scare me at first.

Has anyone else experienced this at all?

Wow, four generations under one roof.

Actually three, (now just 2) but speaking of the roof, it does sound like it would sound during an earthquake. And it happens on a daily basis, loud creaking, so much so that my nephew went up in the attic looking for spooks (or mice) and found nothing.

Without even reading the OP, I’m going to go with “no”.

This is just tossing something against the wall and hoping it will stick, but could the house be settling? My reason for asking is that I grew up in a very old house that would occasionally emit a thud or a crashing sound. I was always told that was the house settling and someone would head down to the basement to adjust one of the jack posts.

Well, I have lived in many places and occasionally they would make sounds but this place sounds like an earthquake (we are in California) is hitting on a daily basis. I have never heard a roof creak like this place and it sounds sometimes like somebody is up in the attic.

Thanks for your open mind.

If any of this really IS happening, in my mind it can be explained. I would just like to know if others have experienced anything like this.

Usually, that qualifies as Kindling… :stuck_out_tongue:

Having never been in your house, I’d have to say no.

It was just a draft.

No footsteps or wallbangers but there was a punched shower curtain in the same bathroom where there had been a strange green light. Also the occasional thing being moved from where we left it and the sensation of cold water dripping on our backs.

Well, you’ve definitely got an older house, which will have more crotchets that a newer one. I don’t know your location so I don’t know how likely either movement from fault lines or subsidence would be. Either of those could produce infrasounds, which can cause people to feel like they’re being watched.

I believe the sensation of being held down while sleeping is an actual sleep phenomena. You think you are awake but you are really still sleeping and experiencing sleep paralysis.

Well, there’s you answer!

I have experienced spooky feelings and dreams. Since I don’t believe in ghosts those feelings and my recollection of the dreams both fade quickly. I suppose I would get more of those feelings and dreams if I was living in an old family house. I would also be rigging the guest room to make sure anyone staying over experienced something spooky also.

I want to be a ghost, because then I’d be able to do really useful and entertaining stuff to people like make their pants fall of a chair. Or make a sign leaning against the garage fall down.

I’d also thump a lot, because I do that in life, but I have no rhythm, so maybe when I’m dead it’ll come to me.

Or maybe not. Being a ghost sounds more boring than my life as it is.

As others have mentioned already,

I don’t know you,
I haven’t been in your house,
I haven’t read you post,

So I can confidently declare no.

But also, if you think I’m being too closed minded with that answer, I can also confidently declare that you haven’t given us enough information to claim anything other than no (despite not have read the information you did provide).

Living in a house where many odd and inexplicable things have happened over a long period of time I’ll come down on the maybe side.

No such thing.