Is this how the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries ended?

BTW, they’re called “Sri Lankans” now. :smiley:

Only 3, I believe.

IIRC (from an interview with the actress playing No 6), there’s 12 humanoid style Cylons at any given time - 3 of each model, given 4 different models. Presumably with a lot of inactive clones out there for when one of the active units dies. And I think we’d seen 3 of the models, other than Boomer. #6, the guy Adama went through the radiation-filled area of the ship with, and the guy Baltar ID’d.

I did see the mini-series but I have forgotten most of it. Can somebody please spoil if Boltar is good or evil or, IIRC, an unwitting help to the Cylons.

My take on Dr Gaius Baltar:

He isn’t evil, but he’s easily lead - at least by Number Six.

He knows what he’s doing, and although he feels guilty about it, and knows what it means for the human race - including himself - he can’t bring himself to stop.