Is this how the Battlestar Galactica Miniseries ended?

I just watched the presentation on NBC of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. Aside from some weak plot points, esp. towards the beginning, I was really impressed.

But I am wondering whether they showed the whole miniseries or just part of it. I can’t find a continuation listed at, so I’m guessing what I saw was the whole thing. But still, to make sure, I ask:

Did the miniseries end with the revelation that the asian character (sorry, can’t remember her name) is a Ceylon?


Yep, that is how I recall it ending.

Hmm… all right, thanks.

Guess I really gotsta watch the series when it comes out, now. :slight_smile: Need to see how this plays out.

I thought it was kind of a cheese-twist of an ending, but hey, it’s fun I guess… and it got me hooked.


Boomer was her name. She looks like our own Kaitlyn, apparently. :smiley:

Actually, all the ending revealed was that

There was a Cylon created that was modeled after Boomer. Whether the “Boomer” that is already with the fleet was also a Cylon has yet to be revealed.

Another spoiler in response (from the follow-on series, so don’t read if you want to keep the surprises):

There is an entire episode about the ‘fleet’ Boomer waking up, soaking wet, with a bag full of explosives, shortly before a bomb destroys Galatica’s main water supply. Things don’t look good for her innocence so far!

IIRC the original miniseries was 4 hours, while what was shown on NBC was 3 hours. Anyone know what was cut? or did they just shorten commercial breaks (there certainly seemed to be a lot of them)

There was at leats one humanoid cylon model that I didn’t rememeber seeing on the show, but that could have been my faulty memory.


I didn’t see all of the show last night, but there was one scene in the original where Boltar’s blonde cylon was fascinated by an infant in a stroller, then casually killed it. After all, there was going to be a nuclear holocaust in a few minutes.

My impression of the original was that there was too much yakkity yak, maybe they had a two hour show and they wanted to make a four hour show.

It’s funny because part of what I was impressed with was the quality of some of the yakkity-yak. Actually it was weird–I thought some of it was cringingly bad, but then I thought some of it was suprisingly effective.

I felt the same about the LOTR movies.


My wife and I watched it last night. We were very impressed.

Color me hooked.

I am confused - did you all happen to see a replay of the miniseries that aired several months ago?

Or was it the series premiere? I thought it didn’t start until next Friday!!

(Mostly confused because of Crusoe’s comment, which implies that (s)he’s seen an episode)

If not, she’d be the only one. All the other people we’ve met who looked like Cylons have been Cylons. If they’re based on specific humans, they’ve already replaced them.

Also, from the promotional spoilers, we know it isn’t true.

Someone, I believe it was Almos, but someone in the show mentions that Boomer is a sleeper agent who doesn’t realise she’s a Cylon, but she is a Cylon and acts for their benifit at a few different points.

They rebroadcast the miniseries on NBC last night. I watched it for the first time. I completely enjoyed it and I’ll be watching the series. SciFi will be airing the miniseries again on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. I’m going to watch it again because apparently they cut several things out for the NBC airing that I saw. Heck, I might buy the DVD that’s just come out–I liked it that much and I hope if the series is good that it will last for more than half a season.

From what I gather, the series has been airing in the UK (and elsewhere?) for several weeks now. In the US, the series will premiere on SciFi this Friday.

According to one interview with Grace Park (the actress who plays Boomer):

Boomer is a “sleeper” Cylon. She’s a normal human who has been programmed with instructions to help the Cylons under certain circumstances, but doesn’t know this herself. Kinda like the Soviet sleeper agents in Telefon.

I’ve been able to watch the first 8 episodes of the new series. It’s pretty good. My only complaint is that it is basically the Starbuck, Boomer and Boltar show.

The opening sequence has some ‘words on the screen’ that explain that the cylons were created by the humans but they rebeled. They can now look like humans and that some of them think they are human.

There are two Boomers on the show. One on Galactica, she doesn’t know she is a cylon and one goes back to ‘rescue’ her partner she left on the planet when they were evacuating people during the attack. This Boomer is aware she is a cylon. extra spoiler…It looks like the Boomer on Galactica is going to be like Data and she may choose to be on the human side.


one really neat thing is that they capture a downed cylon fighter. The inside is biological, not mechanical. The cylons that look human are not metal and gears inside but flesh and bone.

Just a comment: I really liked when that one ceylon guy said “I can feel emotions you can’t even concieve of, Adama,” or words to that effect. I was impressed by this because I knew from this line that the writers of the show weren’t just going to rehash the same old ideas about emotionless, or emotionally inferior, robots which have pervaded pop culture for the last century or so…


Picker - the show’s been aired in the UK already. We’re up to episode 11 (tonight).

I caught a piece of this when I was in Ireland in Nov but didn’t get the character setup so I didn’t get much from it. I watched most of the mini-series and I have to say I was impressed. This is pretty darn good sci-fi, with much more interesting villians, complex characters, and situations that aren’t just off-the-shelf sci-fi plot points.

But I don’t have cable, so I guess I’ll have to rent the DVDs when they come out.

Indeed. Example: episode 11’s just about finished. No shooting, no space battles - the entire episode was about an election.

I’m not sure that’s entirely correct (lemme know - it’s been a while since the mini):

It was revealed that the cylons come in 4 human forms, three (or was it just two?) of which they’d encountered before. One of the last images the audience sees is a cylon base (or ship or something), and out of the mist walks…Boomer. So there’s actually about a bazillion Boomers running around out there.

Great. Now I have to unlaminate my Doper Wish List. I thought I had this sucker perfected.