Battlestar Galactica Tonight!

I spent the day watching Farscape on SciFi and think I’ll be watching the BG mini-series, since I know very little about the original show, save that Face from The A-Team used to be on it.

I hope it doesn’t suck.

I too hope it does not suck.

It would’ve been a total waste of a Stargate SG-1 Monday.

And for you Firefly fans out there, supposedly you can catch a glimpse of Serenity flying around. I guess there was a FF fan on the CG team for Battlestar Galactica.

It’s not Battlestar Galactica. It just happens to be named Battlestar Galactica.

I may tape it or just download it if i forget, but i want to see it so if it is terrible, i can rightfully destroy it. (involving burning the CD or tape it is on while dancing around it naked except for blue body paint while reciting the Star Wars opening crawl in Arabic, Latin, and Japanese. Only then can your soul be cleansed!)

I’ll give it a shot.

Revtim: The show? Or Tars’s ritual for the destruction of the show?

I’ve never seen the original series. I’m watching this one as we speak, and I think, so far, it looks great.

One thing: I missed the first few narrative subtitles. I came in on “And then the Cylons decided to kill their masters”

I can guess what came before, but for the sake of completion does anyone know exactly?

I can guess what came before, but for the sake of completion does anyone know exactly?

Not word for word, but something about how man built the Cylons to serve man, etc. Sorry I can’t be more complete, but I’m watching it now also. I was a fan of the original series, and I think this has promise.

I popped a tape in, just in case I got called out. If nobody else answers, I’ll do it when the show is over, if you still want to know.

The folks at IGN did a review, and they said it was a real stinker.

Never saw much of the original, but I’m betting the fan complaints will be a good read.

An hour in, and I am really enjoying it.

Once again, though, I have no preconceived disposition, as many fans of the original show might.

Besides, who the hell listens to what IGN says?

Halfway through, and it’s fucking brilliant, IMO. Olmos is great, the babe who plays Starbuck is great, SFX pretty decent. I’m a bit floored by how seriously they’re playing it, but so far it works.

Definitely reminiscent of Firefly, stylistically, and that can’t be bad.

I like how it actually shows the smaller manuevering jets firing off in space flight. Also, I like the very minimal sound effects in space flight (in reality there should be none, but you have to grant the producers some leeway, for atmosphere).

I was one of the people who watched the original series and yes , this one has gotten my attention in a good way. While I dont like the modifications to the Galactica itself , in real life ships get upgraded and modified, so I can live with it.

So far its the small details , like as other people have mentioned about the vernier jets for translating in flight , the mag cat for launching the vipers , the Awacs or ComCom that was accompaning the squadron.

So far episode one gets a passing grade from me


I like how the first war 40 years ago was much like the old series, so it is in some stylistic sense a sequel.

I was wondering whether the war of 40 years ago was the same war from the original series, or a war that occurred before the original series began. After all, didn’t the first series open with the Cylons breaking a peace treaty?

I enjoyed it. I haven’t seen the original show, so I have no conceptions there. I mainly watched it cause I said to myself, “I haven’t seen a decent space-shooter show since Space: Above and Beyond.” There were a couple cheeseball bits:

  1. The Hot Female Sex Robot-Why are they even interested in this? If they can hack the computers so well, why not just do that? Why are Hot Female Robots always Sex Fiends? (I know, because guys write the show, but whatever)

  2. The “Oh, the Psilons can attack computer networks, that’s why everything’s so retro and out of date.” No one’s heard of network security? But fine, that’s why they get to use the cool old stuff.

  3. The obligatory Idiot Officer That Can’t Cope, in this case the XO, who I’ve dubbed “John McCain”. Not because of his failings, but because he reminds of of John McCain.

  4. The Commander Dad/Captain Kid storyline.

  5. The guy giving up his seat. Aww. I wish injured-pilot-dude wouldn’t have been so admirable and would’ve said, “Screw you guys, I’m going in the ship.”

But whatever! Olmos is great as the Captain, in that “fat Kirk” kinda way. He has a great face for a grizzled old captain. The cat-shot for the ships was awesome. The little shooty-jet-things for manuvering. The minimal noise in the space sequences just make them that much spookier. The “We’re in the middle of a WAR and you’re listening to a SCHOOLTEACHER?!” line. Good stuff. I enjoyed it overall.

Similarly, whenever the Commander had his glasses on, all I could think was “Lewis Black…”

As a big fan of the old series, having seen every episode at least twice, I’m giving the new one a big thumbs-up so far.’

Great effects, interesting twists, and it’s not a slavish remake of the original.
That reviewer at IGN is a f***ing twit. He’s comparing a 2 episode miniseries with a 26 episode TV series. Of course there’s not going to be as much character development or room to explore philosophical themes.

Why does he assume that they should have solved a cure for cancer just because they have FTL technology? We really don’t know how tough that is- maybe it’s a lot tougher than we realize.

The EMP thing is plain ignorant. Obviously teh Cylons are hardened against it, just like present-day military equipment is. I’m willing to bet that the things that Apollo was fiddling with at the very end tonight is something similar to that though.

And his commentary about the Cylon chick looking human. Well, the reason for that was so she could infiltrate the humans. It’s not like a “walking chrome toaster” could walk around and get intelligence info. It seems kind of obvious that the Cylon ships are Cylons themselves, not just piloted by them, so they’re not all human-looking

Plus, as far as I can tell, the Galactica this time around is a much more military ship than the first one- sure some characters were crying, but they did their jobs, just like the sailors at Pearl Harbor did. They seem like hard-nosed military officers trying to do their best in a hard situation- emotion is put on the back burner under those circumstances.

I didn’t watch the original series, but I watched this, and I enjoyed it greatly. Will this be a series if the ratings are good, or is this a true one shot deal?

I’ve seen the original BG TV series. It may not be hip to admit it, but I think the revival is off to a good start.

Some things I appreciated:

  • High technology, but not that high-tech. For instance, Vipers and Cylon Raiders are armed with target-seeking missiles, not lasers or 1920s-style death rays.

  • Society really isn’t that far removed from Earth’s western civilizations. No shiny uniforms that are worn by the masses, and no universally accepted culture or mindset. Was that a Rastafarian in the marketplace?

  • Channel 7 news? Did they start their newscasts with reports of a house fire on the East Side of Capricawanna?

Seems like Colonial civilization and technology isn’t hundreds of years ahead of Earth, but rather close to the same level. Excepting aerospace technology, of course.