Is this human hair growing "transgenic cactus" a hoax or not?

Cactus Project


Some of the other artists linked on the same page should give you a clue.

The “genetoy” that lets visitors create transgenic organisms by clicking and dragging human bits onto cactus bits is a bit of a giveaway, too.
Cute, though.

Should have punched deeper into the page, but it was very late and I was tired. Thanks Larry!

[sub]Oh what a sorry pack of excuses, “it was late”, “I was tired”. A f***ing cactus growing hair! What were you thinking? Well if a tobacco plant can glow by using firefly cold light methodology, what’s next? Yeah that’s right, it was on the edge of being plausible, and it took a visionary transgenic bio-artist artist to show us the way. So you can use that as your little intellectual fig leaf for even asking about the furry cactus, or better yet have the cactus grow you a little magic dunce cap woven out of cactus pubes that you can use the next time you don’t check the whole site, and google up additional info. You deserve the horse laugh by Mudd! [/sub]

Just to be clear, I was larfing at the site, not you astro.

And thanks for the link-- I needed the larf.