Is This Illegal (Database of Renters Who Sue Landlords)?

I read about this in San Francisco. Landlords are screening prospective tenants, using a database that shows people who have initiated lawsuits against their landlords.
From a landlord’s point of view, it makes good sense to avoid such tenants-lawsuits are costly to defend against, and many cities can force landlords to pay excessive damages.
Is it illegal to screen out such people?

I don’t see what would be illegal about it.

Someone compiled and published information based upon public records.

Plaintiff-tenants are not a protected class.

They are called “tenant-screening bureaus”

Yes there are lots of them out there. I recall a blip about First Advantage Safe Rent that was used a lot

I don’t think being litigious is a protected class under any of the fair housing laws I know of.

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