Is this legal?

I always though threatening someone with a gun was illegal, this woman did it and it apparently in the clear

It was private property, and it was something she considered a serious health and safety issue, if only because she would be forced to go without power.

Also, she was assaulted and so could use ‘stand your ground’ at that. I was here first, I am not moving… you pushed me away, thats my ground, give it back…

You need to ask a few questions about the details of the situation, such as whether the worker installing the meter had a statutory or contractual right to be on the property installing a new meter.

First off ‘stand your ground’ in only in florida and second it only applies if a felony is being commited against you. Someone "swatting your hand away " is not a felony.

No, it’s not only in Florida. Here is a press release about the law in Texas.

The woman in the video did not live in FL or Texas

The anchorman says that she’s “a Houston-area woman” and it’s being broadcast on KHOU. Where do you think she lives?

Usually a condition of being provided with electric power is that the electric company be allowed access to the meter for reading and maintenance, in which case she was interfering with someone legally on her property.

So if an IRS agent comes to audit me and I consider it a serious threat to my health and safety, I can threaten him with a gun?

Realistically, do IRS agents show up on your doorstep? Or do they send you a letter asking you to appear at their offices?

Brandishing a firearm at someone who has ignored a gajillion “no trespassing” signs doesn’t seem too far off the deep end, particularly in Texas with their castle doctrine and all.

Believing the power company is spying on you and causing you to become ill with radio waves stinks of tin foil hats and black helicopters though.

In what way is a power company employee servicing their equipment in compliance with the agreement with the customer trespassing?

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