Is this motor oil any good?

I’m not just talking about this particular oil, but basically anything from this company. I’ve never heard of them and was reading through the site and some of the claims they make. Granted i am not an oil-ologist but i never heard of oil that gets run into these tests .

Anyone have some real info or life experiences?

Amsoil has been around for years, mostly selling to fleet operators and businesses that need lubrication products. They were also one of the first companies to offer a full synthetic motor oil. Their products have traditionally been sold by independant distributors instead of traditional retailers. I have used their products, it is as good or better than most. I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again.

I agree with racer72. They aren’t as “out there” as the other brands but Amsoil has been around for years. They mostly sell to fleet-based companies including by-pass filters (which are excellent).

“Uh, Waiter! This motor oil isn’t any good.”

Sorry about that, but the cadence match was irresistable. I have nothing to contribute. But thanks for reminding me that it’s time for me to do the oil in my own cars.