Is this plane grounded?

Gulp - I’ve done intentional spins in the Traumahawk several times.

No change in the regs since then that I’m aware of. Given that GenAv is in far worse economic straits today than the late 70s, if anything I’d bet things have gone downhill on average.

You were just dealing with somebody from the “It’s not illegal until the cops catch you” school of regulatory compliance.

‘Hey, now that it’s certified, we can save money on production costs if we remove some of the structure. Profit!’ :smiley:

Absolutely correct for the US. Except, the 1st A&P will have noted it and his concerns in the engine log, and another A&P will probably not want to certify the engine after such an entry.

The other option is to change/rebuild the engine. It’s the engine that’s being questioned not the airframe. That is a major expense.