Is this something I should be worried about? (Credit card offers)

While I’m trying to get myself off the mailing lists for mailed credit card offers, I’m still not fully off of all the lists. Recently, though, I’ve begun getting mail that comes to my address and my last name, but with the wrong first name - and my last name is unusual enough that it would be rare to find people with it. A couple of examples:

Wesley W. Mylastname - my younger brother’s name is, in fact, Wesley, but his middle initial is not W or any letter close to W.
Chad Mylastname
These are a couple of examples that I remember. I’m planning to pull a credit reports during August (I got my free ones in March, but I want to get the ones connected to my FICO score so I see how I’m doing on my credit improvement plan). Is this the equivalent of snail-mail spam or should I be genuinely worried?