Is This Still Done? (Free Xmas trees on Xmas Eve)

In the classic novel “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn”, a custom was that trees unsold on Christmas Eve would be given away-to whoever could remain standing when the tree was thrown at him/her. The kids in the story manage to stay upright, and so are able to bring a tree home. The novel takes place in the early 1900s in NYC-when did this custom die out?

well, its not at all the same as you described, botsgotme, but in my city, there is an annual “Festival of Trees” which features unique/luxuriously decorated/other? (haven’t gone in over 20 years myself) Christmas trees on display. Its a charity event with proceeds going to the local shelters and/or food bank. The trees are all donated to the event and then at the end of it they are given away to families that perhaps don’t have enough money to afford a tree. It really is quite interesting how the trees are netted to keep all the decorations in place during transport and delivery, which my company does on behalf of the festival every year.

that would suck to have a fully decorated tree thrown at you though to qualify for a “Festival tree”, some of those things are heavy

Never heard that, but I have seen lots here in Phx. give trees away on Xmas Eve. Even got one myself the first year I was here. But no one threw it at me.

Throwing? No

Giving any leftover trees away so they don’t have to pay to have them hauled away on the 26th? Sure.

Both the Russian and greek Orthodox churches celebrate Christmas 11? days lter-do they hold the trees for them?

They don’t throw them at people, but Delancey Street is giving away their unsold trees in San Francisco right now.

Up until a year ago, I worked at HD. Someplace between the day before and Christmas Eve, trees left would be given away free.
It may depend on the store, manager, and tree sales. Go ask nicely at the service desk, garden associate, or assistant manager.