Is this the earliest recorded scorecard of any organised sports match

I avoided the game room since its IMO really a GQ issue.

Its not really complete but this does give us some information about when, where and who played in the match and who won and in some detail.

A cricket match played in summer of 1772 in London.

I would be highly surprised if there were not records of athletic events from classical times.

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Like 776 BC.

It’s a fake…England scoring a low run total and losing? yeah, like *that’s *going to happen! :smiley:

Seriously, weren’t cricket run totals very low back then for some reason? In the Eton-Harrow match of 1805, they managed three innings in one day; Eton scored 122 in its innings, and Harrow 55 and 65 in its two. Was there a time where you had to run out every hit (like in baseball)?

Playing on an unrolled pitch with underarm bowling with a bat that looked more like a hockey stick or club probably made it hard to get boundaries.

I imagine the game looked more like kilikitithan modern cricket. Check out the awesome catch at the start of that video - no boundaries there I guess.

When I saw the thread title, I assumed that the OP was talking about records of the ancient Olympic games. This site allows you to look up victors by Olympiad or by sport.