Is this the first GQ thread in public possession?

And is Sly the named poster?

Note that it has, if so, the first misunderstood joke in publicly accessible GQ.

That sly devil

It was also nice for the reminder of what “semi” means: “tractor semi-trailer.”

Heh, you just don’t see the phrase “flame war” thrown around on message boards anymore. If you guys are going to start a flame war take it to the BBQ Pit!

There is a sticky in GD written in 2003 warning against “flaming” in that forum. It’s slang from a different era and sounds wrong now.

Might have also been the first zombie thread. It had rested quietly for 6 months before Sly resurrected it. And Sly him/herself would be quite a zombie now as well, having last posted in 2004.

I think that the posts in that thread got re-ordered a bit, too, possibly due to time zone issues. I think that the “dumbest thing on the board” comment was in response to the one calling the drivers semi-educated etc.

Now that attention’s been called to it, TPTB ought to lock it before somebody posts to it again. That would be impolite, like disturbing a long sunken shipwreck at the bottom of a currentless sea. Let the long-departed rest in undisturbed peace.

Good idea.

I’d like to hear **Kellibelli **rant on about shitboy. I’m betting that would be worth a few laughs.

I can’t remember now how I found it exactly.

I think it’s when I do a “” Google, and sometimes it comes up all thin-client graphics, and then I clicked on the thin graphic version of the GQ breadcrumb: instant numbered list.

I posted this OP, actually–with all it’s wordiness about “publicly accessible,” etc., wondering whether the mods or Admin (there’s only one now right?) can click a button and either get the same information, or there is an Admin-only button for deeper/older records chronologically sorted.

Just got interested, as I often do, in the tools of historical research; ephemera from those bitchin’ Glory Days of the Old’uns I’m sure have a more personal interest to many.

It’s very easy to find it.

From the GQ forum page, set the “Display Options” at the lower left of the page to:

Sorted by: Thread Start Time
Order: Ascending
From the: Beginning

Well Bless my soul.

FTR, with all this info around, and posters (I’m looking at you…), OP was never answered.

So I get: Post no bills.

I know this is an oft-told tale (grandchildren in pjs in front of the fire, Grandpa Charter Member with contented smile) about Usenet days. So did GQ only become self aware that cool Sunday morning in Chicago, with rain threatening all day, May 23, 1999, at 8:35 AM? Wha’ happa’?

Thread post #1 refers to itself (well, its mod and others do) as some sort of defining vB moment, which would make sense, given the number.

But its date is later than the post no bills.

Although the OP “cool” seems a res in definite medias.

Figured as much. Asked and answered.

Record-holders: The first SDMB user and the first SMDB thread

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