Remember your first posts!

Ahh, the good old days of having double digit post counts :). I decided to do a search, and I remember my first thread. It was in GQ, titled Help. Find it here:

What was your first thread/post?

Not a clue, and I’m too lazy to do a search on it. If I didn’t have my membership date under my username, I couldn’t even tell you how long I’ve been here.

I don’t know if this was my very first post, but this was early enough to count…

Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer

My finest moment… unfortunately, it got glitched during the software switch and stopped getting bumped at about 7 or 8 pages, so it had to be closed.

Maybe I should restart the debate again… maybe.

Hmmm, well here it is. I guess reading all the books a few times over before posting helped at least a bit.

First post: in MPSIMS, a thread started by Gatsby, something on the order of “The Seti@home Project!”

First thread: in GQ, “Why are toilets called Johns?”

4500-some posts later, here I am.

It was way back… uh… 1997 I think. It was on the old AOL board… there had been a lot of people asking if lighting farts really worked, and so I made my debut by asking if you could light armpit farts. No one really seemed that amused :confused:

Mine was in a thread about the grossest foods you have eaten mentioning I once ate grape potato chips…OpalCat responded with EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!


SDMB Tennis. Ahhhhh memories :smiley:

Most Depressing Books 10/21/99

In MPSIMS, of course. :smiley:

Hey look what I found:


Oh yeah, the “Do Ghosts Exist?” Thread in Great Debates. Dag, I ought to wander into there again.

Mine can be seen here. A bright shining moment for me, as The Moderator Formerly Known As Slyth proclaimed it post of the week.

Of course, since such an illustrious beginning, I’ve left lesser posts scattered about the board like so many fossilized little cat turds.

My first post was a rather lengthy one in the GQ thread about T-rex being a predator or a scavenger. I recall posting a few lengthy additional posts to that thread, too.

It was to Disney Sequels. It was, of course, my first post, but also the first time I made someone think that I was upset with them. Ooops! We made up though! :slight_smile:

The earliest post that turned up in my search wasn’t my very first post. My earliest posts are from February or March of 1999, and they’ve been culled.

would you believe my first post was to start my very own thread in GQ about the 2 Dennis the Menaces
And as an added bonus I actually got 11 replies

Cool, it’s kinda like hitting a line-drive down the first base line in my first at-bat

My first post was a thread I started the day I joined, commenting on a mailbag item: What does "Kyrie Eleison mean?. It wandered on for over 5 months, much to my surprise.

  • Started with a simple comment on the kyrie.

  • Wandered into the question of the antiquity of the Anglican church, courtesy of a mischievious inquiry by Songbird.

  • Slight deviation into the reasons for the split between the Church of England and the Roman Catholic church, John W. Kennedy chiming in.

  • Returned to the question of musical settings of the kyrie, with discussion by Songbird and a little spat on the musical styles favoured by pldennison.

  • Review of the issues of papal infallibility and the validity of Anglican orders by **tomndebb, Diceman ** and Pickman’s Model.

  • Discussion of the origins of the kyrie in the Tridentine mass and Archbishop Cranmer’s virtues as a poet by tomndebb, John W. Kennedy, dougie_monty and Pickman’s Model.

  • Speculation by Diceman on whether Henry VIII was currently residing in the nether regions, notwithstanding he had been the head of the Anglican church.

  • Further speculation between John W. Kennedy and myself on whether Charles I was canonised by the Anglican church.

  • Minor dispute between **CK Dexter Haven, Wally M7, ** and myself on the two genuinedates in English history. (From the date of posting, appears to have been one of Wally’s earlier posts. R.I.P., Wally)

  • Culminated in a declaration of love by CK Dexter Haven for myself (then going under the handle of jti).

  • Closed with a regretful expression of platonic interest by myself to CK.

With an intro like that, both the range of topics and characters, I was hooked on Dope. Been here ever since.

After quite a year of watching the TV show (God bless Miek Lucas) and two of looking at the website, and yet a few months of lurking on the boards(7 IIRC), and one month of waiting for an appropriate thread, my first was this one which happened to be my first “Started Thread”. I’ve learned a LOT since then.

Much more than you could even know.

That should be Mike Lucas/

Goddamn Keyboard. . .

My first post was apparently in this thread. I had completly forgotten about that until I did a search a few minutes ago. The topic was whether there should be a maximum wage. By post is at the end of page two.

A search turned up this one (I used to be whammy and posting order is out of whack for some reason) but I know for a fact that my first post was actually answering a GQ about phenylketonuria.

I was preggers at the time and had my trusty WTEWYE on hand to help with the answer. It seems to have been trimmed in search of a faster server.

If I had my druthers, I would preferthis one to be known as my first post (still as whammy) as it also has posts by the esteemed notthemama and PapaBear.

That notthemama, I sure miss him. :smiley: