Remember your first posts!

I see that tomndebb blessed me too!

Woo! I was off to a STELLAR start!

Mine was on what stars were or are gay. matt_mcl, I, tomanddebb, Olentzero and I are all listed as Guest.

Boy, I’m a nerd, I realize now.

It was actually mr john that should be credited with that remark. tomndebb was quoting him (8 months later in the revived thread) and quipped:

When board switched over all the formatting in the old threads was lost so all you see is the code for the formatting. It makes it a little confusing when figuring out who said what.

I really don’t remember the link, and I am too lazy to find it. But, it was a hilarious thread about making a device that could launch livestock, goats in particular. It was listed on google or something, cause I was doing research on a topic that I thought of while watching Junkyard wars. Damn that was the funniest thread ever…I have changed my mind now. I am gonna go find that link. Here it is… I could read that thread fifty times and not get bored of it :smiley:

I asked a question in GQ about watermelons. SuaSponte was the first one to reply and I’ve liked him ever since.

I am the one who started it, I remember quite clearly, so i don’t know why this Doctor Jackson is listed above me. Disregard that.

Curses! If only I’d waited a couple months–this could have been my first post.

It was the thread about favorite children’s books that made threadspotting. I’m in there deep. Page 3 at the bottom.

Your favorite kid’s books

Had to take poor Uncle Cecil behind the woodshed in (Well, somebody had to do it. Anyway, it hurt me more than it did him…)

My first post was here and it was an OP in GQ. The topic was regarding the origin of cheek pain after inflating balloons.


The jury is still out on that one.

I’ve heard it said that alcoholics can often remember their first drink, so perhaps it’s a good thing that I can’t recall my first post here. Whatever it was, it’s long since been deleted when the admins were forced (back in UBB days) to chop the early months of the board from a couple of forums (for those who’ve wondered, both forums and fora are acceptable pluralizations).

Whew! What a trip the last couple of hours have been - like toolin’ around in a time machine. The oldest thread I started that I could find was from 5-27-99: Questions for old AOL SDMB board people. My oldest retrievable post was from about a month earlier in a thread Little Nemo (née Mike King) started, Religious trollery, where we discussed the desirability of having a forum for debate (later born as Great Debates).