Is This The "Help" Guitar, Y'all?

If so, I sure would like to buy it.



According to the Beatnix, a group that specializes in performing Beatles songs using the same equipment that Beatles did, John and George used a Gibson J160E. The number is close to the one in your link, but by Epiphone, not Gibson. It could be the same model, though, made by a different manufacturer, and it certainly looks like the photo of the real thing.

RealityChuck is correct - it is a “reissue” of that old Gibson model on their lower-cost Epiphone brand line.

As **Crotalus **can attest, a good Epiphone acoustic is a very good thing - a good one rivals their up-scale Gibson brethren. But you have to check out a few - only buy online if it is 100% returnable and you have the time to live with it.

J160E’s by definition are electric-acoustic. The top has been compromised a bit by having a pickup and controls installed - the bracing had to be strengthened to compensate, which can affect tonality. However, *because *they have the pickup and controls, they sound the way they do through a decent amp.

So you may find it a little short when you play it un-amp’d - make sure you check that out. If you dig it - you could be all set. Best of luck.

WordMan is correct about me and Epiphones. I have played several acoustic/electric Indonesia-made E[piphones recently which really impressed me. I also own an Epiphone ES-335 which is as good as current Gibson versions in my opinion.

Hey Chuck,

Thanks for that link to The Beatnix site and I appreciate also the comments of **WordMan **and Crotalus.

I think I might spring for the Epiphone, but after visiting The Beatnix site, I sure do love that Country Gentleman! :smiley:


FWIW, John Lennon used the Epiphone Casino.

If you like the Beatnix, you do need to see this song.

Chuck, Man that was sooooooo awesome!:smiley:

Johnny, is that the one also called the Revolution Casino?

That version of “Stairway” just made my whole day!:smiley:



[QUOTE=Quasimodem;10863059Johnny, is that the one also called the Revolution Casino?[/QUOTE]

I couldn’t say. It’s just a bit of trivia I came across while I was researching whether I should buy an Epiphone les Pal, or hold out for a Gibson.

(I bought the Epi. Looks great, sounds great, and I’m not an experienced guitar player anyway.)

The video of The Beatnix is gone, kids!!! :mad:

I linked to it from my blog and now it says “Sorry, this video is no longer available”.

Was there a copyright problem or what - I mean, all they did was “cover” Stairway To Heaven in a very unique way!

I’ve played in bunches of bands and we also played taht song.

What am I not getting??



I was just able to link to it. Maybe you mistyped the link – the one in the thread still works.

Yeah, it started working again for me too, Chuck, but for a while there those little circles would just spin and spin and spin before that message appeared, but I didn’t mis-type the link, because on my blog, the still of the 4 guys still appeared. It just wouldn’t play.

Strange, huh?

Also, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff on the net about Google just not being able to get that “buffering” thing right, so the problem is apparently not my computer despite what YouTube says about “clearing the cache”.

And a couple of more things about your link:

  1. I looked for a cd by The Beatnix, and there is one. It is called 4 You and Amazon has 2 copies available for $100.00. :frowning:

  2. The Beatnix are now The Beatels. (The spelling is correct by the way. ;))

So thanks again for the link! I thoroughly enjoyed it and these days, with me, I don’t always enjoy stuff all that much anymore.

Thanks, Dude