Is this the most poorly-targeted SDMB advertisement ever?

I know there have been complaints about Trump ads showing up here. I’ve become numb to political ads appearing everywhere, so those didn’t surprise me. But this ad, which I saw this morning, made my jaw drop. I can’t imagine a less-appropriate venue for this advertisement than the SDMB.

If they’re psychics, why didn’t they predict that their ad would show up here? And why do they want me to take a quiz? Shouldn’t they already know what kind of psychic is right for me?

That is incredibly poorly targeted. About the only places worse would be Snopes or a Penn & Teller site.

“We’re sorry, all our psychics are avoiding your call. When you’re in a more receptive state of mind, we’ll call you.”

We should be glad the Chicago Reader is happily fleecing them for their advertising money, sure in the knowledge Dopers won’t fall for it. Same goes for taking Trump’s dollars too.

Well by the same metric why didn’t the Psychic Network predict it would go bankrupt, oh poor Dionne Warwick!

I wouldn’t be so sure it’s money totally wasted.

We like to think this community is immune from such bullshit. However, there are a surprising number of people here who solicit testimonials from other Dopers on dubious health remedies, while ignoring and even disparaging efforts to supply them with actual evidence. It’s not that far a leap to consulting psychics.*

*From California! Well, I guess Wisconsin Psychics might be a tougher sell.

It may be poorly targeted, but it did get the OP to show re-show it in this thread.

I don’t think the website gets paid unless people click on the ads. I love this board, but not that much.

I sometimes visit Democratic Underground which is left of this board and often get NRA ads there.

On further reflection, I’ve decided that it’s comforting to see an advertisement that isn’t relevant to me in any way. I find it far more disturbing to see an ad that is creepily targeted and reminds me that everything I do online is tracked. :slightly_frowning_face:

This place has ads?