Is this video footage real? (Soldiers acting foolish -> gunshot wound) [new title]

Ive seen a video here, that shows some american soldiers doing something rather foolish. (Resulting in a soldier shot in the leg).
My cousin argues no way it is real.
I’m thinking I’ve heard worse stories and it’s possilbe.

Can anyone weigh in to prove/disprove the veracity of the footage?

Descriptive thread titles are appreciated. I’ve changed the title of this thread to make it less ambiguous.

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Not real. Not close.

Anyone with any time at all on the range would not only have not done this, but would have stopped it after the first BIG miss.

Also, in the slo-mo play back you can see the shooter laugh and look down after the accident. Not a natural reaction.

Come on. This makes no sense. The soldier is going to hold the plate above his head? Why can’t they lean it against the ground? And what American soldier is going to let an Afghan shoot at him? I might almost believe it if it were the other way around…

Yeah, right.

Plus, that is just about the worst graphic I’ve ever seen.

Why does the stupid kid have to be wearing a KU cap? I’m ashamed.

I can only hope that people this stupid are not given guns.

This must be fake.

Who on this planet would so eagerly allow a man with an assault weapon to fire it at a location anywhere near his person, much less his head? I might add that the firearm also happens to be a gun that is so destructive that it’s even illegal the United States, a nation filled with people that are obsessed with guns! I can’t imagine anyone being THIS stupid or reckless-- especially people who are (supposedly) trained in firearm safety.

The guy holding the plate isn’t actually wearing a US Army uniform. And the whole Army Safety Center thing sounds and looks so fake.

My bad. It looks like they changed the Army design. I still say its fake.


AK’s are NOT illegal in the United States, although individual state laws might prohibit them.

Back to the OP…

I say BS.

Funny, but fake.

Fake. Nobody with any sort of knowledge of any firearms, or even a bit of common sense would hold a target while downrange of a live weapon.

William Tell’s assistant was the last idiot to attempt this stunt.

On the AK issue, yes, more powerful than an M-16, but legal to own, in semi-automatic (and fully automatic, with the right permits) in the US. Subject to local laws.

FWIW, many “normal” hunting rounds, and many bolt action & non AK-47 rifles use this same round, or those that are MUCH more powerful.

It does have issues with the “assault weapons ban” that was sunsetted as it’s “scary looking.”


That’s the phoniest video I’ve ever seen. Come on, who would believe this?

I’m surprised that everyone is exclusively sticking to the “this is too stupid to be real” angle.

(That’s not to say that I disagree, it’s way beyond dubious that several people with recent firearms training would be that reckless.)

Still, there’s a incredibly unlikely (but non-zero) chance that it might happen.

That being said, none of those guys could act their way out of a wet paper bag. I might be convinced that people who really ought to know better could collectively exercise such poor judgement – but certainly not by them.

well as for whether or not real people would do something that stupid I submit to you the Darwin awards.
Heck, check in on today’s Straightdope article on putting pressure hoses up your butt.

Keep in mind that if you are only familiar with american training/arms, then you MAY think that the range is close enough and the target big enough for this to be not dangerous. (I’ve heard that the AK’s are horrible at any sort of distance, accuracy wise).
As for a local doing this? I have a friend working at one of the camps in afghanistan. She would totally see someone agreeing to it.

Again, the question isn’t whether or not it’s LIKELY that someone is this stupid (I happen to have heard too many stories to know that there ARE people that dumb). I want to know if it HAPPENED.
As such, has anyone heard anything/seen anything to prove or disprove this video.

Actually, I’ve heard of fairly recent (within the last couple of years) re-enactments of William Tell. One involved a crossbow, another a pistol (IIRC). Both incidents involved alcohol, as you may have guessed. IIRC, the guy with the crossbow lived (minus one eye) and the guy with the pistol did not.

Sorry, no cite, just going from memory. I also have a vague recollection that they were aiming for beer cans, not apples.

The video looks fake to me too.

I don’t have to do any research to disprove it. C’Mon.

  • The “blood spatter” - it wasn’t visible during the supposed “live” shot, then it was much more visible in the spotshadow.

  • The CGI on the spatter itself in that spotshadow was about as realistic as an episode of Charmed.

  • The delay between shot and reaction was hilariously too long - that’s about how long you could expect him to react if you fired a BB gun at him.

  • The banner graphic along the bottom - somehow I don’t think military training videos would have that kind of decorative banner complete with logo like that

  • For a military training video, they sure do talk and act like a bunch of grinning idiots rather than military professional. “Oh…shit. We’re all going to prison. Hee Hee!!”

  • What’s the point of this “training video” again? “Gee, we’re curious, so let’s see if this shield can stop this bullet…”

I vote fake.

Impossible? No. Highly unlikely that all three “Americans” would submit to such a stupid thing in Afghanistan? Yep.

Hell, that could have been filmed in California or Arizona. And the fact that the shot “missed” strikes me as a somewhat convenient excuse . . . :dubious: But I will say that I think that was a real round that went downrange and hit the sand. Stupid, stupid, stupid. . . :smack:

But the video cut off right after they decided to move closer to the target. Was there any more?

Them’s just my two cents.

Exactly. It’s so obviously a “let’s make a fake video” film that it barely warrants analysis. Nonetheless…

Or…as if he was waiting for the sound from a blank firing before reacting?