Is this what it's like to be engaged? (lame)

Every couple is different. mr. e and I were engaged after ten months together, and barely fought at all in those ten months. Even during engagement, we had one fight that lasted longer than five minutes.

Got married four months ago, and in our third month of marriage, we had an argument that we couldn’t settle for three weeks - and I know my neighbors got sick of hearing us scream at one another. It’s over now, and I think we’re stronger for it (in fact, I know we are), but anyone who heard us would probably have thought we were on the verge of divorce, and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Of course, they may be snapping at pressure from family members - the INSTANT we got engaged, I can’t even tell you how many requests we had from EVERYONE, including second-cousins-first-removed. They may be getting a lot of unreasonable requests and taking it out on each other.

It sucks, and they shouldn’t be putting you in the middle of it.


Duly noted - my vocabulary locks up late at night. Mind you, I think prevarication has more overtones of being economical with the truth rather than out-and-out lying, so we’re probably half-way between prevaricating and procrastinating.