Is this YouTube video fake? (girl going through basketball hoop)

Read my post #10 people. If you stop at different points you can clearly see various parts of her INSIDE the hoop and net.

Look at runner pat’s screen cap in post #7. Her legs are clearly inside the hoop and the net.

Maybe it’s some sort of CGI trickery, or maybe she really is going through the hoop. I don’t know. But it’s just flat out mistaken to say that you can see her falling in front of the net and hoop.

First post here…please tell me this was the wrong youtube video you posted.

Anyway, back to the video. People keep saying it’s fake based on the danger aspect. I’ll give you that it’s quite a dangerous stunt, but people to dangerous stunts every single day.

Reported. bluegrasslva has, since making this post, posted the same video in two other threads.

I am not saying it doesn’t appear that the hoop is in front of her; it does. That is trickery as well (very well done, of course). Having the hoop appear in front of her may have been the easiest part of the deception.

But do this for me, davidm, just for kicks: watch the slo-mo portion of the video, and the entire time, concentrate on her right arm. Watch it again.

Does it really look like she could pass through that rim so effortlessly with the position her right arm is in? She makes no effort at all to tuck it into her body; in fact, it is splayed out a bit.

I have downloaded and watched this frame-by-frame, and her arm is still close to her body until after going through the hoop.

I have looked around, and many claim it’s fake, but the proof is thin on the ground. Someone did post that perhaps the hoop itself is not regulation, maybe it’s larger and made of pliable material of some kind to make it safer, which still makes the trick itself still pretty cool even if it’s augmented.

I have no idea. I still tend towards it being real. But if you wanted to fake it, it wouldn’t be hard to do so.

How can anyone think this isn’t as real as a $7 bill?
Not too bad of an editing job, but if I’d been the director I would have yelled at the guy on the left “You’re supposed to be right under the net when you catch her, so need to be almost right under the net when you throw her. Stop looking directly to your left (where the hoop really is) when you’re sizing up where to throw her – you should be looking almost straight up and backwards, for God’s sake!”

A Women’s Size 5 shoe is 8 and 11/16 inches long. A 24" waist is still going to be ~9 inches wide, and not to mention her hips and shoulders.

Seriously, go find a basketball net and try to get anything through it. It’s small and the idea of falling through it is laughable. And why would the net swish?

Well, I agree that it looks fake as hell to me–and I’m not one to cry “FAKE!!” at every Youtube video I see (for example, the marines pitching puppies off a cliff thread, I took at face value.)

To me, it really looks like they’re playing with perspective here–note how their feet aren’t shown, so you can’t make a judgment of how close to the baseline they are.

Also, the physics of it just looks a bit off. I’m not sure what it is, but it doesn’t look quite right. The camera work is a bit weird–it’s a pretty smooth pan up and down except for the part where she goes through the hoop, where it suddenly accelerates for no real reason I could surmise. No proof in and of itself, but it doesn’t add up.

Also, I think her “banging” her head and rubbing it afterwards smacks me of theatrics to add to the believability. This really looks like one of those viral videos that have purposely amateur camerawork and overly scripted reactions.

I’m willing to bet a good sum of money this is fake.

I believe that this is a very clever fake. I have no doubt that runner pat’s screen capture shows her legs within the rim. I don’t know how to do a screen capture, but see if you can stop it at second 0:19 during the replay part. When her upper body and head should be passing through the rim, they appear to be in front of it to me. I have no idea how they could accomplish the fakery technically. I think the unusual camera movement pulykamell mentioned has something to do with it.

A basketball hoop is 18 inches in diameter

Two more places to pause…at 9 seconds you can see the net moving with her legs in it (it moves forward with her legs) and at 10 seconds, she has completely cleared the net it’s recoiling.
I still say it’s real.

THANK YOU! Saved me some typing, as the one guy would be bending straight back to look up at neck wrenching angle to look up at the net he is under. Sadly, he erred and looked at the net which he was in front of.

Others: ** She might actually have gone through the hoop/net. BIG DEAL. I can get someone to fall through a hoop/net with 100% accuracy, a hundred times in a row. Proving she went through the hoop/net does not mean the video shows some guys throwing her up and in via a continuous trick. **

It also appears to have been used as part of some kind of promo. This site doesn’t say it outright, but suggests it, as does this site. It appears to be a viral marketing campaign in conjunction with the movie Pump Up the Movie.

Once again, they don’t show the legs for a reason, the reactions don’t look natural, and the camera work is purposely amateur looking in a way that seems more consistent with amateur-looking professionally produced viral videos than a real amateur video, if that makes any sense. Plus, I simply don’t think anybody would be stupid enough to attempt that or that a human body would just swoosh through the net like that, without any part of the body getting caught anywhere.

I totally missed this. That should pretty much settle any doubt about it.

Ditto, good point.

It’s only a few frames. It would be pretty easy to edit and put the net in front of her. Heck, if you did it on a green screen (which I don’t think is the case here), you could pull it off with simple masking.