Is this YouTube video fake? (girl going through basketball hoop)


I have an opinion, but I hold it for now to see what y’all think first.

Six year old thread here.

(Which links to an even older thread.)

Camera angle trick. She’s in front of the hoop. Hits the net to make it move.

Looks real enough. If it is fake, someone thought to have her hold her head like she hit it on the rim.

If that’s a camera angle trick, explain what I see when I stop the video at 10 seconds: the hoop is clearly visible in front of her legs.

To be sure, you can dl the video. Then use a decent player to advance frame by frame. Trying to mess with youtubes pause button is too clunky & frustrating.

I may do it later after I get back from church.

Quick screen capture.

That one may be fake, but this one’s the real deal:

Pausing it at 19 seconds shows her legs in front of it. Also, in the old thread the talked about her rubbing the back of her head. They discussed that proving both that it’s fake and that it’s real. If you watch, it appears that her sneakers catch the net and her backwards momentum from the flip rotate her away from perpendicular and that’s how she hit her head.

It seems real to me.
Don’t forget. This may also be the hundredth time they’re practiced it, just the first time they’ve done it with a real hoop instead of something made out of plastic of foam and that’s why they decided to record it.

When I go through the instant replay stopping and starting I can see her legs going through the basket - the hoop is in front of them - followed by her head inside the net as it’s going out the bottom.

It takes some playing around and you have to go through it several times stopping at different spots.

I definitely looks like she’s legitimately going through the basket. Of course there could be some kind of perspective or cgi trickery going on.

Why fake it? It’s not like it’s an impossible trick, it’s just a different take on a standard acrobatic move.

That video has been around the Internet for years. I slowed it down and you can see the girl is in front of the net.

There are dozens of videos of people breaking things on basketball nets. That’s why you wouldn’t do this.

That video might be fake, but this one is real…

start at about 1:40

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Fast forward it to when her shoulders are in the rim. You can clearly see that her head isn’t going to make it through the hoop, and furthermore, the net doesn’t act like a net does. She wouldn’t swoosh through the net, she would get stuck or at least slow down a bit. You’re talking about a 7" opening at most. Her hips, shoulders, and possibly feet would stick. She would have to go through slowly (and head first) like the guy in the video did.

Yes it does, the hoop bends and the net reacts. Plus she hits her head, so it wasn’t a perfectly smooth move for her.

But she’s rail thin.

It may be fake, but I can’t see any compelling evidence for that.

What are you talking about? If you pause it when she goes through, the rim of the basket is *clearly *in front of first her calves, thighs, shoulders and then head. The red rim is in front of her body. How can you miss that? :confused: Take a look at runner pat’s screen capture.

First of all, I had no idea this was an ancient video, so apologies for dredging it up again.

Anyway, I think it is a very clever fake for this simple reason: that is an incredibly risky stunt with very little room for error. It could have gone so wrong so easily, I honestly don’t think anyone would really attempt it.

Also: The rim does not move when she raps her head against it.

And: For her to make it, her odds would be much greater if her arms were over her head rather than at her sides.

And finally: Watch closely; her arms are not at her sides at all. The arm closest to the viewer is, in fact, a good bit away from her body. That ain’t how you attempt to go through a hoop.

All right, one more: The guys who tossed her up didn’t even aim (OK, one guy looked up). Most of them just heaved her skyward without so much as a glance toward their target (the hoop).

This would be so dangerous to do for real. Looking at the screen cap, she’s got one arm down by her side. If that rim hits the inside of her arm, it could slide all the way up to the armpit. Practically cutting her arm off at the shoulder.

She could break ribs if the rim hits her side. Man, there’s pain written all over a stunt like this. I can’t see anyone trying it for real.