Is THsi The BEst Looking Group of Best Actress Nominees?

Salma Hayek … aii-ooo-gah!!
Renee Zellwigger … Hummana hummana
Diana Lane …wink wink
Nicolle Kidman … How you doin’?
Julianne Moore … Yummy

No. They’re missing Halle Berry. On that ground alone, last year beats this year. :smiley:

Since Nicole & Renee are repeaters from last year, we have Julianne/Diane/Salma vs. Halle/Judi Dench/Sissy Spacek. Absolutely no contest that this year wins out.

However, let me propose an alternate year: 1943 with Greer Garson, Joan Fontaine, Ingrid Bergman, Jennifer Jones, and Jean Arthur.

Salma Hayek, I agree with. I find her absolutely gorgeous.
Diana Lane, or Diane Lane? Diana Lane’s a producer, but I don’t know what she looks like. Diane Lane, on the other hand…I saw Unfaithful and…DAMN!!!
Renee Zellwigger…curious. I liked her when she was plumper, but from what I’ve seen of her in Chicago she’s touching on creepy skinny.
Nicholle Kidman…never did anything for me.
Julianne Moore…She’s beautiful.
Halle Berry…I’m sorry…no. She’s definitely got a cute face, and is a very pretty woman, but for all the hooplah they made about her being topless in Operation: Swordfish, her boobs were way too saggy. I know that sounds incredibly sexist, but hey, we’re judging people on their looks, and they just weren’t worth all the publicity. Now, the noise they made about Renee Russo’s nude scene in The Thomas Crown Affair was well worth it. She’s older, and much more attractive in my book.

Personally, I still find Catherine Zeta Jones to be amazingly beautiful. What can I say, I’ve got a thing for pale complextion, dark hair, dark eyes, and curves. But I gotta admit, ArchiveGuy’s list is really nice.

When I turn 40, I hope and pray to God that I look a tenth as good as Renee Russo in that movie. Or in general.

Rene Russo was 44 when the Thomas Crown Affair was filmed!

And she looked FAAAAAAAN-tastic!