Is today a good day to buy some shares?

Or maybe I should be buying tins of baked beans in bulk and bottled water.

Can you buys shares in Repo firms?

It’s a good day to buy shares in some companies, and a bad day to buy shares in others. As always, the trick is figuring out which ones to buy.

The problem is, we just don’t know how deep that rabbit hole is going to go, Alice.

If you’ve got some funds lying around that you wouldn’t miss too much, then it’s a great week to take a gamble. Just be prepared for the possibility that your investments are just as likely to tank as they are to make you rich.

(I’m thanking my lucky stars I didn’t invest in Apple… Oy)

Not especially.

Essentially, what you are trying to do is engage in “timing the market.” And it’s a fairly well established bit of wisdom in financial circles that you cannot time the market. Large, macroeconomic factors (like the decision to approve or not approve the $700 B package now stuck in the house) and which way they go will produce wild swings in the valuations of stocks and the value of the economy as a whole.

How will all of these macroeconomic factors play out? Unless you have some particular insight into this issue (for instance, you’re one of the no-voting congresscritters and you’ve built up a block of 11 other congresscritters that you are now assured will change to yes votes and you feel like essentially doing some insider trading or you’re a brilliantly smart academic economist that understands something about this situation that 99.99% of the institutional investors and other really smart people don’t know), then no, today is not an especially good day to buy stock.

Or even short it for that matter, because you can’t short half the freakin’ market.

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If you can afford it without (much?) borrowing then it’s probably a good time to buy a house.