Is Trump going to Phoonix to pardon Joe Arpaio?

There is a lot of tension anticipated around President Trump’s visit to Arizona this evening. It just occurred to me that Trump might decide to announce a pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio at the rally. What do you guys think? Possible? Probable? Unlikely? Not in a million years?

I think more likely than not.

His base is unhappy with no wall and no America First foreign policy (and canning Bannon).

I think he’ll throw them a bone

Why shouldn’t he? Congress won’t do jack shit about it, he’ll still be in power and it won’t cost him any money. He doesn’t give a fuck about what is said about him, as long as he gets to keep the money and the power.

Like Czarcasm said, this would cost him nothing and would probably gain him a burst of crowd approval, which he seems to value more than almost anything else.

So, why not?

Can anything that he would actually give a fuck about be done to him if he pardons the little shit?

…and how do you feel about that?

It’s possible. The last update I saw from a few hours ago said that Arpaio had not been contacted by the administration and he was not invited to attend any events. That could change of course. He has not been sentenced so maybe it will wait until that. It doesn’t matter much anyway. He was convicted of a charge that has a max sentence of 6 months. No way he is getting that. He’s 85. He’s no longer sheriff. 30 days maybe. Probation more likely.

Wouldn’t surprise me if he did. The question is once he has said the (scripted) words doing the pardon, does he go off-script and say something outrageous to the (presumably adoring) multitudes? Time will tell but bears…shit…woods…

I don’t really have an opinion either way.

Thanks for the info.

No opinion either way, but cared enough to post an OP about it.


No. He’s the President; he can do this if he wants.


Sheriff Arpaio was trying to do his job under a President that didn’t support enforcement of immigration laws. Eight long and frustrating years for law enforcement.

Arpaio eventually got in trouble with a judge for not backing down.

I have no problem pardoning him. He’s out of office and ready for retirement.

It serves no purpose in putting him in jail. Imho

Would a presidential pardon in this case signal to other prosecutors elsewhere that there’s no percentage in pursuing other cases that might be in the works?

It was a federal contempt charge. The president has pardon powers for federal offenses. What do you think should be done to the president for following the constitution? I’m no Trump or Arpio fan but come on it’s not that difficult a concept. I wasn’t very happy when Obama let a terrorist go free but I knew he was well within his constitutional powers to do it.

The president has the power to pardon. That’s always been the case. If he abuses the power to obstruct investigations he can be impeached. That is certainly not the case with Arpaio. The fact that the president has certain powers won’t stop prosecutors.

He got in trouble for not obeying a court order. What makes you think he should be above the law or be allowed to exceed his authority or ignore the authority of the court?

Because he was a Sheriff trying to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress.

It wasn’t his fault that it became politically unpopular.

Congress needs to make up its mind. Repeal them or let law enforcement do its job.

I agree the Sheriff should have backed down. Kissed the judge’s butt.

You gotta know which way the wind is blowing, politically. Back down when required.

He has no authority to enforce immigration law. That is a Federal matter.

Local law enforcement has always worked closely with the Feds to enforce immigration law.

Well, until recently. Everything changed under Obama.

Now we got cities refusing to turn illegals over to immigration. But that’s a different thread.