Is voodoo polling prevalent around the world?

This explains what a voodoo poll is if you did not know already-

These polls are all over the media here in Australia. I have seen them in 3 large newspapers. The Herald-Sun in Melbourne has them daily. Channel 9 news (most watched in Australia) has them daily.
I have heard pundits and politicians using these results as part of their arguments for or against a proposition (I have no cite though).

Insofar as it’s the sort of thing that newspapers, particularly tabloid ones, and television shows often do, yes. However, as far as I can see, it’s usually a way for the poll originator to make money from the 'phone calls rather than something done with any serious intent.

The newspapers themselves label such polls as scientifically inaccurate and skewed by the views of those who make the effort to respond. I don’t think anyone *really * takes them very seriously.