Is waxing a car with a modern finish really necessary?

I have always waxed my cars pretty regularly. It makes them look good and I always thought that you were supposed to in order to protect the paint. However, I have asked several people how often they wax there cars and none of them ever do. Their cars don’t look bad and don’t have any obvious damage from it. Does clearcoating make waxing optional?

I’d say no.

My new car manual states to wash and wax the car so I do. It’s 2 and half years old and besides a few hundred…thousand…rock hits, the car looks brand new.

Of course I go a little over board and every spring I get the car professionally hand detailed (inside scotch guard/armor all) all over.

Still a good idea. Before clear coats, cars which weren’t waxed regularly would visibly oxidize fairly quickly. Clear coat is intended to prevent that, but it still happens eventually.

Even if you wash and wax: run your hand lightly over the hood; feel the gritty texture? Do your car a favor and buy some paint cleaning clay. I’d also get the Speedshine product advertised with it to lubricat the clay. This stuff works like magic, is easy and quick to use, and keeps that grit from becoming a permanent part of your finish.