Is your city year 2000 ready? Ours isn't.

Got this paper from them, Pacific Grove, Calis, US, stating:

  1. The hardware has been changed to be y2k ready.

  2. The software is not y2k ready & they don’t
    know what it would cost.

  3. The new generator to power all the city services for 4 days is not going to be in until, get this, mid-december.

  4. There is no mention in the report about being able to get food from Safeway, or gas, phone services, electricity, water, getting money from banks, Etc.

Pray for us.

Handy, if you want, you can come stay by me for a few days…we’re good to go!

I think.

I hope.

I think I’ll order another dozen yards of concrete and finish up my bunker this weekend…

And clean that rifle.

My city sez we’re okay.

Course the guys that are saying this are the same ones that declared Toronto a “Nuclear Free Zone” which states that in the event of a war, no one is allowed to nuke us.

You can’t make up stuff like this. Morons.

Washington, D. C. is not ready – so if you think D.C.'s already f–ked up, wait til Jan.1, 2000. Cripes, the surrounding jurisdictions have all the cop shifts on duty 24/7 for a few days before and after in case all hell breaks loose.

Missy2U, what a nice offer.

The guy who runs our Y2k program also sells Amway on the side.