Is your mother more paranoid than mine?

I usually get the bus back home at the weekends. instead of Usually I get the first bus on this route and it arrives at the end of the line before the second. But last week because of delays etc it came in after the second. I got off the bus and walked over to my parents car and saw only my Dad waiting there.
“Where’s Mum?” I ask.
“Away to look for you” Dad says.
Mum suddenly appears from nowhere and says “Oh I didn’t see you on the bus and when that police car pulled in after it I thought you’d had an accident.”:rolleyes:
Not so long before this I decided to get a later bus than usual and so I didn’t come home at the usual time. When I did come home Mum appeared at the door and said “oh thank god you’re here I thought you’d had an accident”
Furthur to this my sister informed me that a police officer had come to the door and before he could say a thing Mum said “oh my god officer has my son been in an accident”
After a brief pause the officer said “no we’re here to investigate a burgulary next door”
I’m thinking of going to Thailand this summer Mum is going to crap herself.

Before you judge your mom, have a child wait 13-16 years and then ask us again about paranoid moms.

Mama Maroon has gone through 2 cars in one year thanks to teenage boys. And one of them wasnt even my child.

My mother is convinced that every car abandoned by the side of the road has a dead body in the trunk.
She will not bring paper grocery bags into her house because “that is how cockroaches sneak in”.
Every telemarketer is a scam artist trying to bilk her out of thousands of dollars.
Anytime me or my siblings would miss our curfew, then it was a given that we were “smoking dope and having sex”.
And any stranger who stares at her is a rapist or a serial killer.